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Powerwall 2 in the shadows (black & white) for Perth's first Tesla Energy Tech Talk

Perth’s PSW & Tesla Energy Tech Talk Exceeds Expectation

In collaboration with Tesla Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse hosted a Tesla Energy Tech Talk onNovember 16th, 2023, at the Tesla showroom in Osborne Park. Key points Invitation only event exceeds demand within 48-hours. As a premium Certified Installer, PSW partnered with Tesla for a Tesla Energy Tech Talk, Perth, Western

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Aleo Solar Panels by PSW Energy

Aleo, a True German Made Solar Panel Alternative.

You’ve been told German made solar panels no longer exist. Such a statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. Potentially options for Australian’s have dwindled in recent years, however, one of the world’s longest-serving German-made solar panel manufacturers, Aleo, is now making their mark down under. What’s better, there

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Enphase Warranty Australia

Enphase Warranty Bolstered with Preferred Installer Program.

Without correct implementation, your Enphase inverter warranty or associated ongoing support can be considered redundant. As of such, many mainstream solar technologies are now implementing specialised installer networks as an additional consumer safeguard. The Enphase preferred installer network is any prospective Enphase system shoppers assured purchasing channel which considers all

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LG Solar Dealer - PSW Energy

Access Greater Benefits With an Authorised LG Solar Dealer.

Across the globe, the LG Solar panel range holds one of the most reputable names in the solar industry. Off the back of such esteemed recognition, an exceptionally large portion of installation companies within Australia offer LG Solar options in order to win sales. However, with over 5000 installation companies

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Fronius Solutions Partner (FSP) PSW Energy

A Fronius Expert is a Fronius Solutions Partner (FSP).

As one of the most popular inverter brands in Australia, purchasing a Fronius solar inverter as part of your solar energy system should mean hassle-free solar. Unfortunately, for many, headaches arise due to improper installer product knowledge. There is, however, away to determine which installers posses expert Fronius inverter knowledge,

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QCells Q.Partner a Certified QCells Expert.

There’s no doubt the entire range of QCells solar panel options holds one of the most reputable names in the solar industry. A combination of outstanding product quality, installers committed to quality workmanship and a passion for the products they install. In a world now booming in solar energy implementation,

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Multiple-SMA-Sunny-Tripower-Inverters-Metrics New

Ensure Warranty Security, Use an SMA PowerUp Partner.

SMA solar inverters possess an impeccable reputation when subjected to the harsh Australian conditions. Beyond the success stories though, it’s often essential to understand what can go wrong. Not all solar energy systems with SMA solar inverters are hassle-free. Therefore, how does utilising an SMA PowerUP partner help mitigate these

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Jinko Tiger by PSW Energy New

Jinko Supplies Restricted – What this means for you.

Market competition in jeopardy with a monopoly play for one of Perth’s most popular solar panel brands as Jinko supplies restricted.In a bizarre move, for an extremely short period in 2020, PSW Energy and many alternative solar retailers in the Perth WA region will experience restricted distribution access to the

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Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey (supplied & installed) products only, Perth & Bunbury region, Western Australia. 

Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey products in Western Australia (Perth & Bunbury region).