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Tesla preferred: EV charger installation electrician. Most popular electric vehicle charger installation service Perth customers love, with over 1100 combined reviews.

Electric vehicle charger installation Perth customers can expect to pay vary. The average starting point for a single-phase (7 kW) electric vehicle charger installed within close proximity to a compatible electric switchboard is approximately $990.

Although, this cost varies (lower or higher) depending on; potential bundle offers, promotions, EV charger brand, cable length, EV charger power sizing, local requirements, installation complexity, chosen functions, power supply etc. All aspects considered, an EV charger installation cost can range between $790 to $1990.

We’ll always do our best to make pricing as transparent as possible: Additional installation costs. An express quote based on your expectations eliminates the guesswork for an accurate electric vehicle charger installation cost for your property.

Our in-house team of electricians provide all electric vehicle charger installation works for PSW Energy. A licensed electrical contractor (EC010771), PSW Energy provides insured electrical services specialising in solar power, battery storage and electric vehicle charging products. Your local, sustainable energy partner since 2004. Nice to meet you!

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Depending on the particulars and if we require additional information, a PSW express quote will arrive in your inbox within 24 – 48 hours.

However, if a site visit is necessary for us to deliver you a firm price, we’ll dispatch an in-house electrician, on an agreed date to inspect the property at no cost.

Depending on your preferred day, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), below are our average electric vehicle charger installation Perth region customers can expect from order:

  • Non-peak periods; 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Peak periods; 2 to 4 weeks.


As a business with in-house electricians, our capacity can be limited during surge periods. Your understanding and patience are always appreciated.

Tesla Wall Connector

Our number one electric vehicle charger installation Perth customers choose by volume. Bring your own Tesla Wall Connector from Tesla, or we can supply it. A Tesla Premium Certified Installer 2024, remain assured your Tesla EV charger installation meets the demands of your electric vehicle daily. PSW is a Tesla-recommended installer .

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Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 EV Charger Installation
Fronius Wattpilot EV Charger Installation

Fronius wattpilot

Compliment your Fronius inverter-infused energy system with a Fronius Wattpilot EV charger. When installed with a Fronius Smart Meter, use game-changing solar optimisation features. 

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Yes. Although, the product warranty is void if the electric vehicle charger installation doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s installation requirements. Ensuring an electrician’s company has a New Energy Technology Consumer Code (NETCC) endorsement is a good starting point towards better industry knowledge.

More importantly, a local electrician should be manufacturer certified to assist in a secure warranty. Manufacturer certification informs customers that the manufacturer’s best installation practices are met through regular product training and updates.

A NETCC Approved seller, PSW Energy electricians are local, manufacturer-certified installers for most leading electric vehicle chargers in Perth, Western Australia.

If you have purchased an electric vehicle charger directly from a manufacturer, additional features often depend on your purchased equipment. The most common additional feature customers seek out is solar optimisation charging. Solar optimisation usually requires extra components supplied by the manufacturer and inevitably comes at an extra cost for installation.

As every customer’s expectations are unique, explaining what you expect from an electric vehicle charging outlet is advised. Purchasing the product and installation direct from one place for a turnkey solution ensures your expectations and eliminates warranty disputes. With the PSW electric vehicle range, we’ve detailed the advanced feature combinations within each EV Charger › 

Electric vehicle charging outlets are technical devices. When installed correctly, 99% of the time, you will plug, play and fast charge your vehicle with no hassles. However, modern day electric vehicle charging outlets require programmed parameters to be approved for installation to the local grid.

These parameters receive firmware updates over time to meet the demands of your electric vehicle and network, all outside the scope of the manufacturer’s responsibility to assist you expeditiously. PSW Life Support is your locally based EV charging knowledge base, providing assistance and resources to PSW Energy customers.

Electric vehicle chargers are robust devices. However, paying careful attention to the installation location within a garage will save future frustrations.

Most importantly, the EV charger needs to be within cable distance of the usual parking position of the electric vehicle charge inlet. Depending on your EV charger selection, most tethered chargers have a 5 to 7 meters cable length.

Consider a position that can service two vehicles, such as the end wall between the two parking bays.

Depending on job-specific complexities, the average Level 2 electric vehicle charger installation on single-level, single-phase homes with adequate switchboard provisions in Perth, Western Australia, takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to install, commission and connect to your internet.

Multi-level homes, commercial buildings, three-phase power supplies (22 kW chargers) and solar optimisation features all increase the time allocation for a specific job.

Yes, and it works too. Especially when incorporating solar optimisation features included with most solar inverter branded electric vehicle chargers. However, paying attention to your home’s energy consumption and adequately size a solar package to match your home’s energy loads and electric vehicle charge capacity is essential. 

We’ve ensured all PSW solar packages have electric vehicle charger connectivity for enhanced solar utilisation. All solar packages ›

Premium Aftercare

No extra cost: Compliment your electric vehicle charger installation with PSW Life Support—premium aftercare for the life of your product, based in Perth, WA.

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Had a Tesla Wall Connector Gen3 supplied and installed. The quote process is smooth. The sales responded promptly. When I have further questions that they are not sure, they queried their electricians and then sent back to me rather than gave me inaccurate answer straight away. Happy with this process. The electrician arrived on time. We had a quick chat and I mentioned my preference on the work. The electrician is patient and easy to communicate. He figured out what I really want and did the job in the way I like. The safety certificate was sent to me the next day which is excellent. All in all, I recommend the service
Tesla EV Charger Installation Perth
Kuyu Wang
Very professional and quality install of my Tesla wall charger. Highly recommend.
Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 Installation Perth WA
Benjamin Peter Dazkiw
Super happy with installing my Tesla charger, everything was spot on from the price and very professional job. Thanks again - will certainly use these guys in the future for any electrical needs.
Elad Feldman
I had my Tesla wall connector installed by PSW. The installation team was very professional and explained everything. I did all the communications through email, and it was an easy process from start to finish. And PSW prices were competitive as well. I am very happy with the service I received.
Tesla Wall Connector installation Perth WA
Lakshan Peiris

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