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The ultimate self-sustaining energy ecosystem is software and hardware-driven. Tesla Energy is the pioneer of all-encompassing home energy ecosystems and is now the outright leader.

Refined hardware development compliments what is considered the most advanced software for a superior user experience towards advanced personal energy management. The ultimate solution in future energy control and security.

Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Energy Suite.

Store energy. Charge electric vehicles. Control energy.

Powerwall 3.

Coming late 2024. Tesla Powerwall 3 is designed to be the ideal solar and battery solution from day 1. An all-encompassing solar inverter and energy storage solution. Compare Powerwall 2 and 3 ›

Tesla Powerwall-3 Batteries by PSW Energy

Frequent Tesla Energy questions.

Yes, when connected to Powerwall. Telsa Wall Connector (ev charger) utilises the grid and solar monitoring features embedded within the Tesla Powerwall Gateway. The result is a one energy ecosystem eliminating repetitive hardware layering.

99% of scenarios, yes. AC-coupled, Tesla Powerwall 2 is the ideal retrofit solar battery for existing solar energy systems.

Presenting a [more-likely] less economic investment hurdle, Powerwall 3 will be Tesla’s answer for new solar and battery combined systems from day 1.

Even though Powerwall is a native single-phase AC-coupled battery, it’s very commonly to connected to 3-phase power supplies. Due to net metering in Western Australia, the savings are reflective. However the draw back occurs in blackout protection mode where only a single-phase or essential circuit can be protected.
Yes, we prefer it this way also. The PSW Energy express quote system is designed to make Tesla Energy adoption as painless as possible. An express quote ensures you benefit eliminating expensive sales commissions associated with in home ‘consultations’.
We honour every formal quote. If our system identifies a potential quoting complication associated with your property, we’ll send a technician (opposed to a salesperson) to investigate and deliver a firm price.

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