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Project Stages

Rest assured, you’re in great hands. We’ve developed the most comprehensive sustainable energy appliance project pipeline to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. It’s now time to sit back, relax and let PSW ensure you a hassle-free energy system installation.

Project Stages

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Project Setup

Within 24 hours.

Once you’ve signed your PSW Agreement, we get your project off to the right start. Here’s what’s happening behind the scenes:

  1. Your PSW Project hub is created. A central online space where you can access all project-related documents and imagery forever. Visit
  2. A copy of your signed PSW Agreement is stored within your Project hub for easy access and reference.
  3. Your installation booking date, as previously confirmed, has been added to the installation calendar. 
  4. Based on the information you provided during the consultation process, a job profile has been created and added to your client folder.
  5. So you always have a copy of your project information, we’ll send a welcome email supplying all your purchased product information.
  6. PSW accounts has now been prompted to raise an invoice that reflects the amount due. The invoice is created within 24-48 hours after the signed Agreement.

It’s important to remember you don’t have to do a thing. At this point, PSW staff should have acquired all the necessary information to ensure the following technical processing stages are hassle-free.

Design Assessment

24 – 48 hours after project creation.

A secondary review to ensure zero hassles. The Supervisor Design Assessment is an internal stage that is completed within 48 hours of the project creation:

  1. A PSW Projects team member reconfirms your designed project to ensure seamless execution on installation day. 
  2. Specific projects require advanced technical design to be approved by the power company (Western Power) to connect to the grid. PSW Projects ensures your system is approved in the soonest possible timeframe.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. To ensure this, it’s essential to be thorough at the beginning.


24 hours after Design Assessment (if applicable).

If receiving a solar or battery product and after your deposit is allocated to your order, your applications can now be submitted.

  1. During the previous two stages, we would’ve received your deposit, the final indicator we need to confirm your order is ready to proceed.
  2. Once the deposit amount has been received, the amount is deducted from your final balance owing. We will send you a copy of your deposit paid invoice via email confirming the receipt of your payment. 
  3. An internal order is raised to secure your desired product, ensuring procurement in the timeframe promised.
  4. PSW Staff will apply to your Energy Retailer on your behalf. Shortly after, you will receive a Retailer Reference Number (RRN). No need to forward this email to us, as at the same time, PSW will also receive a copy of the RRN.
  5. After receiving your RRN, PSW staff will lodge the necessary grid connection application with the supply authority on your behalf. This is often the longest phase and may vary depending on the product being installed.

In most instances, supply authority approval should not exceed 1 week. However, this can be up to 4 weeks if an engineering assessment is required.


Your project is parked after approval.

Once everything has aligned, PSW Projects will park your project until one week before your agreed installation date. Within one week before installation, expect to receive an email confirming your installation date and the estimated arrival time.

A little reminder to ensure your project proceeds as planned, and most importantly, we’re all on the same page.


Estimated arrival time between 7 and 9 am.

Our technicians will arrive at your property, they’ll run you through the allocated positioning of your equipment before commencement.

If you are having a WiFi-enabled device installed, please have your WiFi name and password available so we can seamlessly provide the connection for you on the day.

Upon completion, PSW technicians will run you through the system operation and request you to complete a brief satisfaction survey based on their performance.

Your honest feedback is greatly appreciated. However, for us, your job isn’t finished.


24-hrs after installation.

We like to keep you informed at every step, so it’s important to understand what happens after installation.

  1. We’re getting ready to finish your project with your assistance. PSW Projects will send a progress notification email. 
  2. At this point, your final balance is due (if not already paid).
  3. Once the balance owing has been received, we will send you a copy of your $0 balance invoice via email confirming the receipt of your payment. 
  4. A comprehensive internal installation review is conducted based on test results and technician photos recorded on the installation day. 
  5. Compliance notices are lodged to the relevant authorities stating that an installation has occurred at your address.
  6. Your monitoring portal (if applicable) is activated and commissioned. Your login details will be sent to your preferred email within 72 hours of commissioning. You’ll be prompted to initialise your first log-in at this point. Solar monitoring portal setup assistant ›


7 days after installation.

Now that you’re getting familiar with your new product, it’s time for us to send you the essential information you’ll want to keep on file. This is slightly delayed as there is processing time with the product manufacturers. Here’s what to expect:

  1. It’s important you understand how to operate your system manually. Even though you may have enjoyed an explanation on the installation day, we’ll send a black-and-white text copy to your email for future reference. We also have online references for your convenience: Solar, Battery (coming soon) and EV Charger (coming soon). 
  2. Most products within the PSW store require certified installer registration to ensure a comprehensive warranty, as your certified installer, PSW completes this on your behalf.
  3. Your related warranty information is sent to you in one convenient email. As there are a few PDFs, this is done to minimise confusion between alternative product documents.

If this information gets lost, your online PSW Project Hub contains everything related to your project, forever.


3-6 months after installation.

We want to know how you’re progressing with your new energy device. Your product’s ability to perform as promised and ensure your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 

A few months after the installation has been completed, you should be very familiar with your new product. PSW Projects Support will reconnect with you to see how everything is tracking and answer any additional questions you may have.

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