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Hassle-Free Guarantee

In most instances, your PSW Energy workmanship guarantee matches the duration of the manufactured product guarantee to ensure you’re without expense throughout the nominated guarantee period if a warranty event occurs.

Time is the major factor here and the final cost depends on the time a technician is required to solve the particular issue. 

Please consult PSW Life Support for our most up to date service costs.

It’s important to not that product costs may apply to rectify non-warranty issues. We’ll always advise any product costs and rectification work costs prior to commencing a solution.

No. Although, we can support you remotely through PSW Life Support at no cost.

Like any home appliance, it is the users responsibility to maintain the internet connection for increased function. Using a modern TV as an example, basic function terrestrial channels can be viewed by plugging in an arial. However, if you want to use app channels, maintaining a WiFi connection is required. A PSW technician is required to provide the initial WiFi connection for registration. Although, as WiFi router setting fluctuate over time, it’s important to grasp the possess of the WiFi reconnect procedure to ensure ongoing historical data and a secure manufacturers warranty.

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We like to make things simple. In most instances, your PSW Energy workmanship guarantee matches the duration of the manufacturers product guarantee to ensure you’re without expense throughout the nominated guarantee period if a warranty event occurs. 

The current PSW workmanship guarantee periods are as follows:

  • Solar: 15 years.
  • Battery: 10 years.
  • EV charger: max 5 years.
  • Energy monitoring: 2 years (unless specified greater).

In a similar way that particular manufacturer guarantees vary in length, reduced workmanship guarantee products are often included on products subject to increased external influences or duress.

We’ll always do our best to ensure a products installation exceeds that of the life expectancy of the product. However, there are certain factors for certain products where a high degree of interference and manipulation can occur over the products lifespan that can not always be accounted during installation. 

Balance of materials. The intermediate materials not necessarily specified when ordering a specific product/product combination. We’ll ensure the Balance of Materials (BoM) matches your major purchased item guarantee up to 10 years with a solar or battery package.

Intermediate product selection is our responsibility, and you trust us to select well. We only purchase intermediate products from trusted local sources that we know can support us if a a warranty condition occurs. Otherwise, that’s on us.

If you’re unable to resolve a system error contact PSW Life Support using the embedded form 24/7. PSW Life Support is your free technical diagnosis and remote support service provided by PSW Energy for all PSW customers.

Customers should use PSW Life Support even if a warranty period has lapsed as this complimentary remote service for assisting issue resolution extends beyond any nominated guarantee period.


Solar guarantee

We guarantee the workmanship of a PSW Energy solar energy system for 15 years. Most solar components have a 10 year product warranty from the manufacturer. However, solar panels now average 25 – 30 years of product guarantees, and we’re committed to servicing these products for an extended period.

Offering a guarantee longer than the business establishment would be unfounded. A PSW 15-year solar guarantee is proven and dependable.

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Tesla Powerwall

Battery guarantee

Most solar batteries are equipped with a 10-year product and performance guarantee from the manufacturer. We’ve researched our brands to ensure they’re of dependable quality for the intended guarantee period and equally match the PSW workmanship guarantee to ensure no unforeseen warranty costs within the guarantee period.

EV Charger guarantee

EV chargers are subject to increased amounts of interactive duress over their life expectancy and, therefore, EV charger guarantees from their respective manufacturers range from 2 years to 5 years. The PSW workmanship guarantee accompanying the electric vehicle charging outlet matches that of the product for your all-in-one warranty assurance.

Tesla Wall Connector Gen 3 EV Charger Installation

Monitoring guarantee

Energy monitors naturally have a reduced manufacturer guarantee period due to the delicate electronic components inside and the often less stable environments they are installed within. Energy monitors guarantee periods will range from 1 to 5 years, depending on the manufacturer. When purchased through, the PSW Energy workmanship guarantee period matches a manufacturer’s guarantee for no unforeseen costs during the warranty period. 

PSW Life Support.

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