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BYD Premium HVM 11-19 kWh solar battery (installed).

  • BYD Premium HVM solar battery.
  • High-Voltage DC-Coupled connection.
  • LiFePO4 chemistry.
  • 10-year battery warranty.
  • 10-year workmanship warranty.
  • PSW Life Support.

See Additional Information below for price inclusions. Combine and save options are available on this product with selected PSW Energy solar packages. Select “Add to quote” to discover.

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BYD Battery-Box Premium solar battery is designed with LiFePO4 chemistry battery which has been widely recogniSed as one of the safest battery technologies.

BYD B-Box HV Battery

Stand-out features.

Ensure a solar battery technology which suits your preferences and intents. Discover the stand-out features which define the DC-coupled BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM solar battery range.


Outstanding insight
  • Your inverter determines your platform.
  • 4 industry-leading portals.
  • Smart meter required (additional item).
  • iOS & Android mobile applications.
BYD B-Box HV Battery


Innovative design
  • Beautifully modular, expand as you require.
  • Modern appearance, natural cooling.
  • Easy installation and expansion.
  • EPS function with selected inverters.
BuildYourDreams_BYD by PSW Energy


Trusted brand
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Manufacturing battery technology since 1995.
  • Top 4 battery manufacturer by volume.
  • Global top 50 most innovative companies.

PSW Life Support.

Superior Customer Care For the Life of Your Product and Beyond

Based in Perth, WA.

Guarantee your new BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM solar battery success with a technical expert by your side, always. Learn more >

Additional information

Battery make

BYD Premium HVM


Fronius Solar.web, Goodwe SEMS Portal

Electricity supply/configuration


Depth of Discharge (DoD)


Capacity/ Useable kWh

11 kWh, 13.8 kWh, 16.6 kWh, 19.3 kWh

Compatibile inverters

GoodWe ET, Fronius Symo GEN24, Fronius Primo GEN24

Battery warranty


Installation & service warranty



PSW Energy in-house installation within 1m to an existing compatible inverter with energy meter. Compatible inverter, energy meter or any additional inverter-specific interfaces are not included in the nominated price. See all

Bonus 1

Full monitoring/ software configuration & network integration.

Bonus 2

PSW Life Support

Extra costs (if required): Compatible inverter

See itemised product: Fronius Primo GEN24; Fronius Symo GEN24; Goodwe ET;

Extra costs (if required): Energy meter

See itemised product.

Extra costs (if required): Travel


Installation area

PSW Energy Installation Zone 1

PSW Certifications

WA Licensed Electrical Contractor, CEC Accredited Installer, CEC Approved Solar Retailer, Fronius Service Partner

Alternative costs

Additional 2.76 kWh BYD Premium HVM battery module if functioning battery hardware exists; $2990*

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