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Perth’s PSW & Tesla Energy Tech Talk Exceeds Expectation

In collaboration with Tesla Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse hosted a Tesla Energy Tech Talk on
November 16th, 2023, at the Tesla showroom in Osborne Park.

Key points

The Tech Talk provides curious customers with deeper insight into household electrification.
More so, those already embracing an electrification journey for transport are Tesla electric
vehicle owners. As transport electrification has enjoyed rapid uptake since the turn of the
decade, many households still need to advance to the next generation of electrification.
While solar panels have become a popular addition for many West Australian homes, energy
storage options are proving to be fourth in line where sequential priorities and staged
rollouts are concerned. That means:

  1. Most customers either have existing solar or strongly consider it to assist daily
    household electricity savings.
  2. Electric vehicle adoption saves fuel costs while providing a new, technologically
    evolved driving experience.
  3. Tesla wall connector provides Level 2 AC fast charging (destination charging) from
  4. Solar batteries such as Tesla Powerwall complete the energy ecosystem by providing
    further grid supply energy protection when the sun isn’t available (night). Powerwall
    integration provides solar-optimised electric vehicle fast charging for a one-brand
    energy ecosystem.
PSW Energy Team x Tesla Energy Tech Talk

Single-brand energy ecosystems are fast becoming the future of energy control.

However, suppose the energy solution encompassing everything from the beginning can be
invested. In that case, the return on investment potential is significantly improved instead of
calculating itemised elements and the ROI of each independently. Doing so will always
provide a level of disproportion.

Investing in energy self-sufficiency is recruiting an appliance to elevate a particular daily
frustration— grid energy costs/dependency. However, any appliance often provides a level of
disappointment if the solution isn’t entirely addressed. For this reason, greater awareness is
required for consumers to realise the actual benefits of energy storage integration.

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Attendees were welcomed by a Tesla Energy representative, providing an in-depth overview
of Tesla’s mission to sustainable energy and the Tesla energy product suite. Following, Derek

McKercher (PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse Director) provided technical insight into
maximising energy storage in line with the local Synergy power supply to expedite ROI and
achieve self-sufficiency. Local government representatives wrapped up the guest speakers,
who provided environmental data on why a shift is necessary to induce positive outcomes for
future generations. Finally, guests could quiz the panel, delving deeper into further product,
integration, compatibility, and sustainability insights.

Perth’s Inaugural PSW & Tesla Energy Tech Talk 2023: McKercher Corporation acknowledgment ›

Leveraging the hype generated in alternative capital cities, Perth’s Tesla Energy Tech Talk
attracted the most interest.

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