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You will have many questions before purchasing a solar, battery or EV charging system. The good news is that you’re not alone as many like-minded shoppers are pondering similar thoughts. The answers to those questions exist here.


Choosing an energy product and still have lingering questions? These frequently asked questions common amongst many shoppers should help.

Tesla Powerwall, Wall Connector and Solar panels on a modern home with Tesla electric vehicle in the driveway.

PSW ceased offering in-home consultations in 2018 and became an online shopping experience with a local presence; 3/90 Discovery Drive Bibra Lake, WA. Broad research identified that systematic remote solar compatibility can be achieved with fewer unforeseen circumstances and high customer satisfaction providing increased value. The study also determined that most consumers would prefer to eliminate expensive sales commissions associated with in-home consultations if high customer satisfaction supporting solar products over time are evident.

PSW committed to the research and became a specialist local online provider of solar energy systems for researched shoppers. 

Sunwiz, an Australian consumer market intelligence provider, recognised PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse as a Top 10 Solar Company in Australia 2023 ›

Note: PSW Energy sends a technician to survey your site if a remote site assessment determines that a site visit is essential.

Yes. The PSW solar product and workmanship guarantee is covered on a dedicated page. It’s one of the only comprehensive guarantees exceeded by company establishment. In a nutshell, it’s a proven guarantee by time.

PSW Energy solar guarantee ›

PSW Life Support is the industry’s most comprehensive product aftercare program and knowledge base. A premium service providing you with the tools to manage your future sustainable energy journey seamlessly.

We are still looking for another solar company with the same level of aftercare. If you find this, we’d also be keen to check it out.

Discover PSW Life Support ›

The essential ones you require for purchasing assurance and then some:

  • New Energy Technology (NETCC) Approved Seller 2023 – Formerly CEC Approved Retailer.
  • Licensed electrical contractor, Western Australia (EC010771).
  • In-house electrical workers.
  • In-house CEC accredited installers.
  • In-house CEC accredited designers.


Beyond industry certifications, PSW Energy holds the most significant number of manufacturer endorsements due to a profound level technical of technical aftercare:

  • Tesla Premium Partner 2023
  • Huawei Premium Elite Partner 2023
  • SAJ Electric Platinum Partner 2023
  • SMA PowerUP Partner 2023
  • Fronius Service Partner 2023
  • REC Certified Protrust Solar Professional 2023
  • Jinko Approved Installer (Australia) 2023
  • Suntech Approved Installer (Australia) 2023
  • Risen Energy Preferred (Gold) Partner 2023
  • Enphase certified installer 2023

PSW Energy is a subsidiary of McKercher Corporation, operating since 2004. The PSW Energy name, registered in 2017, provides Perth Solar Warehouse services to broader regions while creating greater individuality away from an influx of competing businesses leveraging the ‘Perth Solar’ name online.

Perth Solar Warehouse remains at the heart of PSW Energy. 


You’ve made the decision and are now a valued PSW Energy customer. We’re committed to ensuring your project is installed seamlessly, but no doubt certain questions remain. Here are the most common project questions.  


Within the next few days, you will be allocated a P-Number (P1234567). This number is exclusive to your specific order. With this P-Number, you’ll be able to track the progress of your order online at any time. Here’s the link try it out.

In conjunction with the PSW Energy order tracker, you will also receive regular updates via email as your order progresses through each stage.

We do on your behalf. The quickest way to approve your property for the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (if applicable) is online. We’ve already gathered all the relevant information for this step during signup. Notification of this approval usually arrives within 24-48hrs.

After successful completion of the above application, you will be allocated a Reference Number. Don’t worry we will also receive a copy of this at the same time as you do, which we can then complete your application to the network operator. This is a technical approval and can vary in acceptance times from 1 week to 6 weeks depending on where you are located on the network/ electricity grid.

The installation of your new electricity meter is an automated process which is arranged between your energy retailer & your network operator once all applications are approved – usually within 1 – 2 weeks.

Not unless a PSW Team member has notified you otherwise. The date set in your agreement is what our team is committed to delivering for you.

In addition, expect an email from your PSW Energy projects team member at least 5 days before installation confirming that everything is in place and set to commence.

PSW Energy installation staff aim for between 8 am and 9 am on your scheduled installation date. However, given certain unpredictable traffic conditions, we request that you allow 30mins grace either side of the above-nominated window.

Anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours on average. The installation teams safety is paramount, and it is important to allow all members the required amount of time to execute any task with no risk of electrocution.

  1. Property access (including meter box and switchboard).
  2. Secondary confirmation and approval for the associated installation team to the final location of the purchase product/s.
  3. Someone available at the end of the installation to receive an operation overview in person. You’ll also receive a written overview and instructions via email.
  4. A signature from you, confirming that an energy system at the address has been installed.
  5. Final payment in full by your nominated payment method.

If connected to the internet we request that you allow our technical support team 1- week to configure this step for you accurately. Over this time PSW technical support staff will be setting up your specific details, analysing performance, environmental factors, site data and more to ensure the information you view is correct in all conditions. Your login details will then be sent to you via email.

Please Remember: On the day of installation, ask your installation team leader how to view production and performance locally (without the use of the portal) to suffice until the portal is fully configured.

July 2023: This page is receiving a live update. Certain text may not match.

F.A.Q Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with Visa, Mastercard or American Express through our secure digital invoice method. You will receive a secure digital version of your invoice to your email inbox.

  1. Select the green button “View Invoice.”
  2. A separate secure window will appear in your internet browser with the amount due. Select the green button “Pay now.”
  3. Enter your credit card details and select “Submit”.
    Note: This service is provided utilising Stripe & Xero, your credit card information is encrypted and safe. This information is not recorded by PSW Energy.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer/ Bank Transfer (Preferred): Payment details are on your PSW Energy Agreement, and Invoice which is sent to your email.
  • Cheque: Yes we still take cheque, all cheques are processed weekly and should be made out to Perth Solar Warehouse.
  • Cash: We request that physical cash payments be avoided where possible.

On the day of installation. Delaying payment can result in extra charges as per your agreement to the Perth Solar Warehouse terms of sale.

With your allocated Perth Solar Warehouse P-Number (P1234567) or your nominated invoice number (IV00001234).

No, a new agreement must be established with verification of approval by PSW Energy approved payment plan providers. Please note that certain Payment Plans cannot be used in conjunction with promotional offers or pricing.

Highly likely. And it depends on the nature of the expansion. Contact PSW Energy tech support:

PSW Energy technical support exists to support PSW Energy clients as a priority. However, they are exceptionally good at diagnosing errors over the phone for customers of alternative suppliers to provide a solution available in the PSW Energy range of products only. If you are happy with such a solution please call (08) 6171 4111 and request “technical support”.

What's your cost? It's free to ask

Your quote for a hassle-free EV charger installation begins here.

Solar catalogues include battery and EV charger options. If uncertain about which solar catalogue to select, 6.6 kW is a great place to start.

Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey (supplied & installed) products only, Perth & Bunbury region, Western Australia. 

Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey products in Western Australia (Perth & Bunbury region).