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PSW Energy is a Sunwiz award-winning business in 2024

Awards are fun. They encapsulate what is excellent in a specific category, put it on a pedestal, and showcase industry segments to the world. But what exactly do those segments represent? Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to eliminate bias, as any award system is only relevant to those who partake. Nevertheless, they bring together exciting results for discerning investors to consider, so why not (to those who compete) Flaunt them!! With all the pride they deserve. You’ve earned this moment. Welcome to the Sunwiz Awards 2024.

Key points

We agree there’s no easy way to eliminate bias entirely. However, Sunwiz uses credible data sources well and compiles that information for informed energy investment decision-making. On February 23rd 2024, before a ceremony in Sydney on March 7th, PSW Energy was notified by Sunwiz’s Warick Johnston of qualifying for two very special 2024 Sunwiz Awards.

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Submitted Solar Panel Verification (SPV) data provides the deepest level of cross-sectional industry insight. Even though all companies may not choose to submit publicly available implementation data, certain trends can be identified for more accurate decision-making. For Australian solar companies: PSW Energy encourages the collaborative interval submission of SPV and other forms of implementation data to trusted bodies such as Sunwiz for the assisted growth of sustainable energy on a global level.

There is an emphasis on submitted as not all solar companies will choose to disclose this information.  A fair position.

Top 5 Combined (WA)

PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse’s market share for the 2023 calendar year was relative to a Sunwiz Awarded Top 5 combined residential and commercial solar installer by implemented volume. The volume measured was the submitted Solar Panel Verification data from January 2023 to December 2023. With a focus on quality over quantity, PSW Energy’s intention was always sustainable energy diversity. Therefore, we’ve never anticipated qualifying for particular volume-based awards. Due to additional layers of value and a more modern purchasing approach for solar installations, customers have signalled that PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse is a preferred choice solar provider in Western Australia. Thank you!

Sunwiz Recognition [external site].

Top 20 Best Rated (Australia)

In the 2023 calendar year, PSW Energy enjoyed an overall 4.85/5 combined 2 platform average, taking out 12th position Australia-wide. We nominated two of the hardest and most voluminous for research, Google and They [Sunwiz] told us that out of 4000 installers nationally – congratulations, you’re in the Top 20! We said, “We see room for improvement”. So, we’re continuing to refine the exemplary PSW Energy systems and experience Perth customers have come to love.

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Awards aren't everything

Awards simply add depth for the investor seeking to differentiate two companies by the finest margins. They don’t define your ideal solar company. Choose a local solar company that is more likely to exceed your personal value, service, installation and support expectations. Be there to implement your future add-ons for an all-encompassing guarantee. These are the fundamentals of a successful sustainable energy investment and your enduring satisfaction.

We agree, many well respected local solar companies won’t be present in a ceremony such as the Sunwiz Awards, as there is an energy input required to partake. Never discount the installer who best appeals to your purchasing alignment. But avoid the pressure tactics, that’s a red flag, awards or not.

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