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Sigenergy Sigenstor Hero image with black background

Sigenergy’s ‘SigenStor’ defines a new digital battery era

Say goodbye to the mainstream analogue era of sustainable energy. A new ‘digital era’ is here, and the next generation of all-encompassing energy ecosystems will be built safer, faster, and more scalable, with improved self-generated energy utilisation features. Sigenergy SigenStor has arrived. Contents Key points AI system architecture compliments a new

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Sunwiz Awards 2024 with Derek McKercher in the foreground standing infront of a room full of people with arms crossed and smiling. Sunwiz Awards logos featured in the top left corner

PSW Energy is a Sunwiz award-winning business in 2024

Awards are fun. They encapsulate what is excellent in a specific category, put it on a pedestal, and showcase industry segments to the world. But what exactly do those segments represent? Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to eliminate bias, as any award system is only relevant to those who

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Award winning Aiko Black-hole series render featured on a horizon background

How efficient are Aiko solar panels? Are they the best?

2023’s Intersolar Award-winning Aiko solar panel suite will arrive in Australia in Q2 2024. PSW Energy is confirmed as one of the first installers in Australia to offer customers this advanced module design that is currently captivating Europe. Highly anticipated for the residential market, the Neostar 2S features Aiko’s All

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Kate Rutherford holding a glass of champagne for the Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award

PSW Energy receives Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award

Certain energy storage technologies promise the world yet deliver below expectations. Meanwhile, Tesla Energy penetrates diverse markets with over 500,000 operational Powerwall units installed globally. Such uptake can only be attributed to successful outcomes for the investment. With refined product selection criteria, PSW Energy believes in benefits for homeowners beyond

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Just Another Solar Podcast: Over the Horizon with Derek McKercher

Episode 52 and the first ‘Just Another Solar Podcast’ for 2024, delves into the potential of battery cell price reductions, arresting electric vehicle fires and Queensland’s complex metering arrangements towards the electrification shift. However, more relevant to PSW’s Western Australian customer base and broader solar business owners is the dive

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Modern villa with all-black solar panels on the roof for the article: Top 10 Solar Energy Predictions

Residential edition: Top 5 solar energy predictions for 2024

Sometimes, a little foresight goes a long way. When committing to an energy investment, it’s good to know if the technology you’re investing in aligns with your ideal future intentions. Safeguard your exposure to potential buyer’s remorse by understanding the new technology direction. Which direction are the world’s leading manufacturers

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Tesla Powerwall 3 at Dusk with House lights on in the background

Tesla Powerwall 3 and 2 will likely coexist in Australia

[at least in 2024] When latest technology models are usually released, the latest model replaces the previous one. In the case of Tesla’s Powerwall, both 2 and 3 models will more likely coexist for unique purposes from 2024. Based on Tesla insight, an all-in-one solar and battery system of equal

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