Solar Batteries.

Solar Monitoring.

Pay yourself.

Consider investing a small fortnightly amount of money into contributing towards your future energy freedom. The asset is fully paid for within 3-5 years (your choice) and the energy savings are instantly recognised on your utility bill.

Depending on how you use your energy production, chances are you’ll be in front by simply smarter usage.

Easy approval.

Low-doc ultra fast approval for most residential customers. The approval process is simple and takes only 5-minutes. The sooner you see if you qualify, the sooner you’ll start enjoying free energy production.

$0 Deposit Interest-free.

Payment plans for less than the cost of coffee per day, no catch, no tricks. Fact is, you work hard day-in-day-out. Being in control of your own energy production is one step closer to the financial freedom you deserve.

Treat your self.

Everyone deserves discounted energy. If you have a steady income and are an Australian resident, chances are you qualify for an advanced energy saving system on our no-fuss payment plans. Contact or call 08 6355 6717 and request sales support to see if you qualify today.


All PSW Energy solar energy systems are now equipped with the ability to see your electricity bill in real-time. Therefore no monthly or bimonthly surprises. Incorporating such advanced features ensure you the ability to also fine tune your energy production consumption habits.

When combined with solar energy production, the ability to visually identifying your entire energy profile, live, is the only true way to master electricity bill reduction and to ensure your payment plan works for you.

Payment Plans and Energy Relief with PSW Energy

Don't get stuck on the fence.

Payment plans available for less than the cost of a coffee per day. More than sense, it makes dollars. 

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Please note: PSW Energy supply fully installed products only in Western Australia (Perth & Bunbury region). FALSE, INCOMPLETE or MISLEADING submissions will be ignored.

Due to unforeseen staff shortages, please email inquiries or schedule phone contact in advance where possible. We anticipate services to be back to normal 11/7/2022. Thank you for your patience.

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Please note: PSW Energy supplies fully installed products only in Western Australia (Perth & Bunbury region). FALSE, INCOMPLETE or MISLEADING submissions will be ignored.

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