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Interest-free solar.

Interest-free solar options from less than the cost of a coffee per day. More than sense, it makes dollars. 

Interest-Free Solar, Express Quote

It’s all about saving your money most effectively. Depending on seasonal options, we have selected interest-free solar packages. For details, contact sales support ›

Easy approval

Interest-free solar approval for most residential customers through Plenti or Brighte. Customers should avoid applying for eligibility before a quotation as the final cost may differ.

Plenti Interest Free Solar Deals by PSW Energy
Interest Free Solar Savings

Pay yourself

Consider investing a small fortnightly amount of money towards your future energy freedom. Your interest-free solar package by PSW Energy is usually a reduced format 24-month plan, and the energy savings instantly complement your power bill.

Be in front from day one through shifting appliance use to daylight hours—pool, airconditioner, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, reticulation, etc.

Specific lenders may only allow one loan at a time. Essential, personal verifications aside, the qualification guidelines are as follows:

  • Two lender-approved, Australian-issued identification forms.
  • Proof that you can repay the loan with an income of a type.


Note: The interest-free solar finance provider may seek further details depending on how you answer specific questions.

We use Plenti or Brighte for interest-free solar packages. Once installed, they pay us on your behalf. You are required to repay the financed system at the nominated schedule.

Important: Please do not apply for interest-free finance for the cost of the system ahead of a quote, as it will not be accepted. PSW provides interest-free options for selected solar packages only. Inquire for more details.

The short answer is, unfortunately, not. PSW Energy aims to provide value for all shoppers. Unless nominated as an interest-free product, interest-free finance options can not be used (sorry – fees are involved).

If you meet the criteria, approval can be within five minutes. 

If the application is differed, approval may take up to one week.

$0 Deposit

With no out-of-pocket expense, little is in the way of you adopting proven sustainable energy that saves money and the planet. In the past, we couldn’t choose our power supply. Today, we have a choice, and a $0 deposit interest-free solar package closes the gap so everyone with sufficient roof area can enjoy the benefits.

Discovering a low-cost, reduced-period offer is often difficult. PSW Energy provides an interest-free solar solution to ensure you’re not paying an asset for an extended period.

Payment Plans and Energy Relief with PSW Energy

Make it work for you

Make interest-free solar work for you. A PSW Energy reduced format 24-month interest-free solar package ensures the additional repayment expense lasts only a short time, ensuring you save more sooner.

We aim to assist you towards saving more on energy sooner and less on ongoing repayments that can last what feels like an eternity. The sooner the interest-free solar package is paid, the sooner you retain more money

Premium Aftercare

No extra cost: Complement your interest-free solar package with PSW Life Support—premium aftercare for the life of your product, based in Perth.

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