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Tesla PowerWall Rebate Perth WA 2023

$750 Tesla Powerwall rebate – We’re doubling it!

Exclusive Perth and Bunbury region, extended double offer: A Tesla Powerwall rebate of $750 is available for all Powerwalls installed between August 11 and December 31, 2023. Act fast, as customers must claim their rebate by January 31, 2024. A final sweetener to ensure you don’t miss out, we’re doubling it.

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Solar Battery Rebates WA - Tesla Powerwall 3

Is there a solar battery rebate in Western Australia?

The short answer [headline] is yes. However, the long answer is three solar battery rebate levels apply to homeowners & businesses in Western Australia—Federal, state and manufacturer rebates. Use this guide to determine what solar battery rebates are available and the likelihood of additional solar battery rebates in the future.

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Couple receiving a solar battery system at hand-over with technician running through the operation for the post: PSW express quote guide

The PSW express quote guide: For better value technology

Best prices and high customer satisfaction don’t always go together. However, customer satisfaction levels become elevated if you place expectations at the forefront while combining technology to assist with a streamlined, organised quoting and installation process. 90% of homes in Perth and the Bunbury region of Western Australia possess similar

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Six easy ways to identify single phase or 3 phase power

How to identify a single phase or 3-phase power supply

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you don’t work with electricity, knowing the difference between a single phase or 3-phase power supply is not something you’re expected to know. Rest assured that 95% of people also shopping for a solar energy system, unless advised, wouldn’t know either. Considering many homes

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Historical cottage in Australia with solar panels on the roof and Tesla powerwall at the entry for the post Sharp advice before buying solar or batteries for your home.

Sharp advice before buying solar or batteries for your home

It could present additional leg work, but visiting a business before outlaying significant capital on an energy investment could be equally important as the ideal product selection. An alternative to an onsite meeting where it’s possible to gauge the appeal of a person, why not spend the time to assess

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What's your cost? It's free to ask

Your quote for a hassle-free EV charger installation begins here.

Solar catalogues include battery and EV charger options. If uncertain about which solar catalogue to select, 6.6 kW is a great place to start.

Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey (supplied & installed) products only, Perth & Bunbury region, Western Australia. 

Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey products in Western Australia (Perth & Bunbury region).