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Fronius GEN24 hybrid and hybrid ready inverter range pictured with a BYD battery and Fronius Ohmpilot

The difference between a hybrid and a hybrid-ready inverter

If choosing the ideal solar brands wasn’t hard enough, now you’re faced with certain terminologies that sound like a virtual foreign language. The good news is that you’re not alone. Many seasoned solar professionals consistently try to stay up-to-date with the evolving product contortions aimed at making energy solutions more

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Whole roof top covered in black solar panels over looking a beach in the distance. Young mother and child in a classic convertible car at the left of the house.

Should you consider black solar panels in Australia?

Some say Yes, and others say No. However, with technology always improving, how well do black solar panels perform in 2024? The good news is that two fundamental specifications listed on a solar panel data sheet answer this in relatively simple terms, but you’ve got to know where to look

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Tier-1 solar panel manufacturer list 2024—includes myths & facts

Shopping for a solar panel by the manufacturer alone is quite like shopping for a car by the manufacturer alone (Toyota, Ford, Tesla, VW, etc.). The differences between models can often be enormous. Nevertheless, questionable marketing tactics exist from more localised vendors that would have you believe the term ‘Tier-1’

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Just Another Solar Podcast: Over the Horizon with Derek McKercher

Episode 52 and the first ‘Just Another Solar Podcast’ for 2024, delves into the potential of battery cell price reductions, arresting electric vehicle fires and Queensland’s complex metering arrangements towards the electrification shift. However, more relevant to PSW’s Western Australian customer base and broader solar business owners is the dive

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Modern villa with all-black solar panels on the roof for the article: Top 10 Solar Energy Predictions

Residential edition: Top 5 solar energy predictions for 2024

Sometimes, a little foresight goes a long way. When committing to an energy investment, it’s good to know if the technology you’re investing in aligns with your ideal future intentions. Safeguard your exposure to potential buyer’s remorse by understanding the new technology direction. Which direction are the world’s leading manufacturers

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Tesla Powerwall 3 at Dusk with House lights on in the background

Tesla Powerwall 3 and 2 will likely coexist in Australia

[at least in 2024] When latest technology models are usually released, the latest model replaces the previous one. In the case of Tesla’s Powerwall, both 2 and 3 models will more likely coexist for unique purposes from 2024. Based on Tesla insight, an all-in-one solar and battery system of equal

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Tesla PowerWall Rebate Perth WA 2023

$750 Tesla Powerwall rebate – We’re doubling it!

Exclusive Perth and Bunbury region, extended double offer: A Tesla Powerwall rebate of $750 is available for all Powerwalls installed between August 11 and December 31, 2023. Act fast, as customers must claim their rebate by January 31, 2024. A final sweetener to ensure you don’t miss out, we’re doubling it.

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Solar Battery Rebates WA - Tesla Powerwall 3

Is there a solar battery rebate in Western Australia?

The short answer [headline] is yes. However, the long answer is three solar battery rebate levels apply to homeowners & businesses in Western Australia—Federal, state and manufacturer rebates. Use this guide to determine what solar battery rebates are available and the likelihood of additional solar battery rebates in the future.

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