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Acknowledged by Time magazine, it’s now known that 2023 is the year of Taylor Swift due to a rising global influence and standards of female empowerment depending on one’s views—honourable mention, Sam Altman (Chat GPT), Time magazine CEO of the year. A lot less international, but influencing positive outcomes for the globe and energy consumers within Western Australia, 2023 is the year PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse appeared on the radar of many high-calibre analysts. Built over time, here’s why you should consider a SolarQuotes Legendary-rated business as a gauge of the elite in sustainable energy.

Key points

More specifically, analysts monitoring customer satisfaction over time. Customer satisfaction is a publicly available data-backed value across various third-party platforms with differentiating pool depths outlining trails of consistency. A genuine customer satisfaction trail expresses a similar customer rating story across multiple trusted platforms. At the same time, inconsistency outlines review flooding to drown out negativity on key research media channels: Google, Product Review, Trust Pilot, etc.

However, one solar product research platform carries more weight than any other due to a more layered reviewing mechanism – A site developed by ex-CSIRO engineer Finn Peacock to assist in discerning the good from great products and installers available to Australian consumers for better outcomes in seriously great energy technology.

Solar Installer Reviews Avg. Rating State
EISS Pty Ltd
Jet Solar Pty Ltd
Goliath Solar and Electrical
MC Electrical
AG Solar Pty Ltd
Solar Wholesalers

PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse




Koala Solar
Expert Electrical
Penrith Solar Center

Source: installer leader board December 2023. Note: Our [] leaderboard ranking algorithm updates this list approximately once a month, and it was last updated on December 7, 2023.

Perhaps what makes more relevant for the energy investor beyond review layering (Installation, Panels, Inverter, Battery and service) is one particular element: the follow-up. follow up on customer experiences deep after the point of sale to ensure genuine customer outcomes long after most have forgotten the initial review. Essential criteria as many installation companies follow up on customer satisfaction within a brief instance after installation, which is fair. However, serious investors love knowing the results over time. is the only known reviewing platform that provides such a level of insight beyond one year of experience.

Seeking a SolarQuotes Legendary-rated business in the Perth or Bunbury region? Try our hassle-free express quote. identifies a more transparent reflection of the reviewed organisation when comparing solar company reviews. Always compare company reviews here.

Better assisting consumers, a status badge defines businesses with certain qualities over time. As expressed in a Best-of-the-Best ranking table, has four categories of elite installers within their network above base qualification:

Ranking Review Count Qualification Avg. Score Qualification (>)
Greater than 200 reviews within the last three years
4.85 / 5.0
Greater than 100 reviews within the last three years
4.4 / 5.0
Greater than 50 reviews within the last three years
4.3 / 5.0
Greater than 15 reviews within the last three years
4.2 / 5.0

What’s most interesting is the significant leap to acquire SolarQuotes Legendary status through a layered qualification process of more significant volume over time. Similarly to surveys and polls, volume or review depth is equally vital when gaining a genuine cross-section of any demographic.

Through positive outcomes over time, PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse ranks alongside Australia’s Top 10 and is WA’s leading installer (December 2023) on the SolarQuotes Legendary status leaderboard. Vetted by independent analysis, West Australian customers can enjoy greater peace of mind purchasing through PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse, acquiring one of the most challenging installer recognitions to achieve, SolarQuotes Legendary.

Perth’s leading Solar Quotes Legendary ranked installer for 2023: McKercher Corporation acknowledgment ›


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