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Sungrow Battery SBR HV (installed).

  • Sungrow Battery SBR HV.
  • DC-Coupled connection.
  • LiFePO4.
  • 10-year battery warranty.
  • 10-year workmanship warranty.
  • PSW Life Support.

See Additional Information below for price inclusions.

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New generation Sungrow Battery SBR HV comprises a beautifully streamlined neutral appearance with the flexibility of modular design.

Sungrow Battery

Big features.

Ensure a solar battery technology which suits you. Discover the outstanding features that define the DC-coupled Sungrow battery SBR HV range

Sungrow Monitoring App


Sungrow App
  • All-in-one monitoring platform.
  • iOS & Android mobile applications.
  • Production, Consumption, charge/ discharge data.


Sungrow Backup
  • Blackout protection.*
  • Essential circuits or whole home backup*
  • *Extra costs may apply depending on requirements.
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PSW Life Support
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Globally recognised brand.
  • Made in USA.

PSW Life Support.

Superior Customer Care For the Life of Your Product and Beyond

Based in Perth, WA.

Guarantee your new Sungrow Battery SBR HV success with a technical expert by your side, always. Learn more >

Additional information

Battery make

Sungrow Battery SBR HV


Sungrow iSolarCloud

Electricity supply/ configuration


Depth of Discharge (DoD)


Capacity/Usable kWh

9.6, 12.8, 16, 19.2 kWh

Battery warranty


Installation & service warranty



PSW Energy in-house installation within 1m to an existing compatible Sungrow inverter with Sungrow energy meter. Compatible Sungrow inverter and Sungrow energy meter is not included in the nominated price.

Bonus 1

Full monitoring/ software configuration & network integration.

Bonus 2

PSW Life Support

Extra costs (if required): Sungrow Inverter


Extra costs (if required): Sungrow Energy Meter


Extra costs (if required): Back-up power


Extra costs (if required): Travel


Installation area

PSW Energy Installation Zone 1

PSW Certifications

WA Licensed Electrical Contractor, CEC Accredited Installer, CEC Approved Solar Retailer

Alternative costs

Additional 3.2 kWh Sungrow Battery SBR HV module if functioning battery hardware exists; $2990*

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