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Historical cottage in Australia with solar panels on the roof and Tesla powerwall at the entry for the post Sharp advice before buying solar or batteries for your home.

Sharp advice before buying solar or batteries for your home

It could present additional leg work, but visiting a business before outlaying significant capital on an energy investment could be equally important as the ideal product selection. An alternative to an onsite meeting where it’s possible to gauge the appeal of a person, why not spend the time to assess

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N Type TOPCon Solar Cell Technology

TOPCon, a new buzzword in solar, here’s why

The once-in-a-decade technology shift you’ve been seeking is here. Many leading solar modules will comprise n-type TOPCon technology within the coming years. In a similar uptake to the polycrystalline/ poly PERC to mono PERC (p-type) adoption, n-type TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) improves module efficiency one step further toward improved

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Jinko Solar panel warranty: The devil is in the detail

Jinko Solar panel warranty: The devil is in the detail

Selecting one of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers to be incorporated as part of your system solution should be a sure thing. Not entirely, and it’s essential to know where you stand should something not quite go as planned after installation. When it comes to your Jinko solar panel

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Solar Module Glass Glass Encapsulation

Encapsulation Determines Solar Panel Life Expectancy.

Encapsulation is about as uninteresting as dissecting the design of a solar module as it can be for many investors. However, when assessing the guarantee periods of varied module types, the comprised superstrate and substrate materials play a significant role in how long certain manufacturers (with various encapsulation types) will

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21 reasons to avoid a Northern solar panel orientation

21 Reasons to Choose an East/West Solar Panel Orientation.

Turbocharge your return on investment in energy savings by fine-tuning your solar panel orientation with an East/ West configuration. Suppose, like most people worldwide, a feed-in tariff is virtually obsolete. In that case, higher quantities of power production will not benefit your scenario unless the units (kWhs) are storable or

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Solar catalogues include battery and EV charger options. If uncertain about which solar catalogue to select, 6.6 kW is a great place to start.

Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey (supplied & installed) products only, Perth & Bunbury region, Western Australia. 

Important: PSW Energy supplies turnkey products in Western Australia (Perth & Bunbury region).