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Western Australia’s most recognised: EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer

It’s the first time EUPD Research has presented its Top Brand PV Installer seal within Australia, but what level of importance does that give to customers when considering the purchase of a solar energy system? Unlike alternative awards, EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer recognition is a nonfunded nomination/participation awards event, ensuring the results reflect competency ahead of financial gain.

Key points

A handful of Australian solar installation companies now possess EUPD Research Top Brand PV recognition, but what does this mean for refining selection criteria? A basic grid-connected solar energy system consists of three major components that consumers will consider:

  1. Solar panels
  2. Solar inverter
  3. Installer

With an increased level of review platforms (trust mechanisms) becoming exploited to deliver false representations, customers need a dependable consumer-focused endorsement to assist with an investment decision. Organsiations (manufacturer or installer) that present an EUPD Research Top Brand PV seal have displayed a high degree of customer satisfaction over a nominated period. Third-party consumer assurance now surrounds an entire solar energy solution. Panels. Inverter. Installer.

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Western Australia's most recognised

Held after the first day of the 2023 All-Energy conference and exhibition at the Pearl Waterfront function centre, three West Australian companies appeared for the inaugural EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer awards ceremony. Non-attending organisations were later announced through an EUPD Research social media update.

With no specific list order, two companies earned high distinction from a captive audience at the beginning of the awards ceremony. NSW-based Penrith Solar Centre clinched initial recognition with the highest acknowledgment of the evening.

How the event unfolded and full list of EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installers 2023 ›

Following the initial award announcement, a second high distinction acknowledgment was awarded to PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse, where Director Derek McKercher received the 2023 EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer award on behalf of an exceptional team result: 

"To be recognised favourably among respectable competition from all around Australia is a welcome surprise. Our customer journey is exemplary. We're always listening to customers and consistently improving. With enough time and a proven track record of high customer satisfaction, it's nice receive such acknowledgment by a respected independent analysis firm in EUPD Research.

EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer 2023 endorsement is a testament to the entire PSW team for committing to an unwavering customer focus and high-quality outcomes."

The 2023 EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer award caps off a successful year in peer recognition for PSW Energy after Sunwiz, an industry market intelligence provider, deemed the McKercher Corporation subsidiary an Australian Top 10 Installer.

But sometimes, high-profile recognition exceeds award ceremonies. At the forefront of technology innovation, PSW Energy gained global attention at The Calyx, Sydney, showcasing Tesla’s new Powerwall 3 via popular tech publishers Electrek and One Step Off the Grid, eager to gain deeper expert insight into what is on the horizon.

Award recipients by state

Considering Australia’s broad population centres, EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer awardees are considered reputable solar installation companies in vast geographical locations. What makes an EUPD Research award unique is the nonfunded participation requirements. That means that none of the awarded Australian installation companies had a commercial obligation to participate. With a non-biased script, consumers are likelier to be assured a high calibre pool of awardees of diverse business models focused on outstanding customer outcomes.

All EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer recipients from around Australia are commendable. To be awarded is now one of the highest installer recognitions in the country.

State/ Territory EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer
Western Australia
• PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse
• Positive Energy Solutions
• KVA Power
• Regen Power
• Solargain PV
South Australia
• DQ Electrical
• Goliath Solar and Electrical
• Matrix Solar Solutions
• Off-grid Energy Australia
• Venergy Solar Australia
Northern Territory
• Solar City NT
• Adapt Energy
• Arkana Energy Group
• GEM Energy
• GI Energy Australia
• Green Energy Technologies
• MC Electrical
• Omnisolar
• PowerSmart Solutions
• Scott Burke Electrical
• Springers Solar
New South Wales
• Penrith Solar Centre
• 1KOMMA5°
• Elite Power Group
• Hardy Electrical & Solar
• Inspire Energy
• Pyramid Power
• Rescom Solar
• Smart Energy Answers
• SolarBright Australia
• Wauchope Solar
• Lightning Solar
• Limitless Energy Solutions
• Marshall Energy Solutions
• Solar Integrity
• Velocity Solar
• I Want Energy

Unsurprisingly, states with increased and more spread out high population centres included a more significant number of EUPD Research awarded installers. However, when reviewing the pool of awardees, a pattern emerges that delivers insight into how the EUPD Research formula is derived, even though proprietary.

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Qualification criteria

It’s essential to reestablish that the qualification criteria are proprietary to EUPD Research and, therefore, unknown. However, there are specific attributes awardees have in common.

Customer satisfaction data: Broad platform customer satisfaction data ensures a company isn’t drowning out negative customer reviews. Well-balanced customer satisfaction, even when dissatisfaction exists, provides consistency. That being said, EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer awardees accumulate customer dissatisfaction but deal with it transparently, honestly and towards a reasonable resolution where required. No dissatisfaction data is concerning as it’s usually paid to be removed by the installer, or the company resets their business profile once online dissatisfaction levels become overbearing. High review counts with low substance feedback would likely disqualify an organisation through review count manipulation. EUPD Research favours discerning criteria of review depth when comparing awardees.

Broad platform data: Because it’s easy for a business to purchase reviews on key platforms: Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, Product Reviews, etc. Suspiciously perfect reviews vs terrible reviews on alternative or low review count platforms (, SolarChoice) appear abnormal when reviewing an installation service. This is where review depth and quality allow greater discerning between organisations.

Time: Longevity of the organisational existence and consistently high customer satisfaction data with balanced review depth. Time provides a good level of insight into a company’s commitment to proven outcomes.

Volume: EUPD Research awardees move a level of volume considered qualifiable in the previous financial year. Nominated solar companies must submit segmented installation capacity reporting in kW and MW volumes within Australian local regions. 

Revenue: One final step exists towards qualification. All EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installers submit the previous year’s revenue data. It is expected that the EUPD Research assessment factors good financial health and stability of awardees.

Selecting the ideal solar installer can be overwhelming. Fine-tune a shortlist using the EUPD Research Top Brand PV Installer 2023 seal as an added trust mechanism toward the ideal solar energy solution.

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