A Fronius Expert is a Fronius Solutions Partner (FSP).

As one of the most popular inverter brands in Australia, purchasing a Fronius solar inverter as part of your solar energy system should mean hassle-free solar. Unfortunately, for many, headaches arise due to improper installer product knowledge. There is, however, away to determine which installers posses expert Fronius inverter knowledge, selecting a Fronius Solutions Partner (FSP). 


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As one of the first solar inverter manufacturers to offer the now-famous 10-year (5+5) inverter warranty, European made Fronius inverter technologies surged to popularity in Australia. As systems begin to age though, many consumers are learning that the Fronius warranty and support offered by the original installer is no longer existent. 

With the demise of the original installer, customers have begun flocking to Fronius Australia for system support with little to no compensation in the event of an inverter failure. How so? The supplied Fronius inverter has no been installed to Fronius  installation specifications.

Therefore, how does a Fronius Solutions Partner (FSP) differentiate itself to alternative solar businesses offering Fronius inverters at often a severely reduced price?

Controlled Fronius Inverter Distribution (FSP) PSW Energy
Controlled distribution.

As within many industries, we rely on logistics and procurement to maintain the integrity of a product the moment it has left the factory. With unknown distribution pathways, ensuring quality control is simply not possible.

The preferred supply chain for any Fronius solar inverter is as follows;

Fronius factory > Authorised Distributor > Fronius Solutions Partner > Your house.

Minimal manhandling and the most direct channels to the final destination ensures the Fronius inverter integrity is upheld after shipping across the globe. 

Considering each column is CEC Accredited Installer (minimum):


Fronius Solutions Partner.
  • Sourced from the Fronius certified distributor network.
  • Fronius recommended shipping and handling methods adhered.
  • Installed to Fronius installation guidelines.
  • Fronius warranty intact.


Non-certified Installer
  • Sourced from unknown distribution option.
  • Unknown - incorrect shipping/handling disrupts internal components.
  • Unkown - incorrect installation reduces inverter life expectancy.
  • Unkown - impropper installation renders all warranties void.

IMPORTANT: If your selected Fronius inverter is not handled or installed to Fronius guidelines, your manufacturer’s warranty is rendered void.

Latest technology.

Not only does a Fronius Solutions Partner receive the latest Fronius inverters before the rest of the market, but an FSP also receives in-depth product training from Fronius on the latest Fronius technologies

With ongoing product training, your Fronius Solutions Partner is a one-stop-shop for all product care and enquiries without the lengthy delays experienced when contacting the manufacturer directly.


Fronius Primo GEN24+
  • 3/5 kW.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Fronius Solar.web.
  • Dynamic Peak Manager.
  • 97.6% Efficiency.
  • 528 (H) x 474 (W) x 163 (D) mm.
  • unknown dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-yr (5+5) warranty.*


Fronius Symo GEN24+
  • 6/ 8/ 10 kW.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Fronius Solar.web.
  • Dynamic Peak Manager.
  • 98.2% Efficiency.
  • 594 (H) x 527 (W) x 180 (D) mm.
  • < 47 dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-yr (5+5) warranty.*
Secure warranty.

All Fronius inverters purchased through PSW Energy are accompanied 10-year (5+5) warranty. Consumers can enjoy the benefits of the final 5-year warranty without service costs through PSW Energy.

It’s important to register the inverter warranty on the date of the inverter installation to ensure the additional 5-year warranty extension with Fronius is applied. Failure to do so will result in the inverter being limited to a 5-year warranty only. As a trusted Fronius Solutions Partner, PSW Energy will register the warranty extension on the customers behalf.

All warranties are non-existent though if your selected Fronius solar inverter installation fails to meet Fronius specific installation guidelines. Ensure you only use a certified Fronius Solutions Partner.

Expert support.

A requirement for a Fronius Service Partner qualification is to assure end-users an internal knowledgebase and proactive technical support trained on all models of past and present Fronius inverter types.

With one of the industries most recognised after-sales support programs, PSW Life Support facilitates all levels of Fronius care. An exclusive program offered free to PSW Energy customers.

Gain expedited proactive resolution response times, one contact warranty support and access to one of the largest 24/7 online self help guides.

Fronius Solutions Partner - PSW Energy
PSW certification.

Fronius Australia state on their website – “Fronius Solutions Partner, One Vision, Strong Partners.”

Not every business can attain Fronius Solutions Partner status. Beyond installation quality, Fronius further ensure the stability, longevity and after-sales care ability of all Fronius Solutions Partners so customers can rest assured their long-term energy security.

PSW Energy, a certified Fronius Solutions Partner >

Trusted buying.

Whether you are purchasing a Fronius inverter as part of a new system or as a replacement inverter option, PSW Energy offers an immersive online buying experience. Browse the entire current Fronius range without the pressure to buy now.

Login for PSW rewards and gain access to some of the most competitive Fronius inverter or system pricing available with the added security of purchasing through a certified Fronius Solutions Partner.

Fronius solar inverters, when installed and supported correctly, have the ability to be one of the most reliable solar inverter technologies available. The Fronius Solutions Partner program is another step towards ensuring the performance you expect from on of the most reputable solar technologies available.

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