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PSW Life Support.

Important: This is a support service for operational queries. Customers are required to monitor their systems actively. To ensure the best support, we encourage you to maintain a stable WiFi connection.

Premium care for the life of your product

Purchasing an energy generation device requires in-depth knowledge beyond a brief operational overview on the day of installation. Using the advantages of what your product is capable of can only be achieved through superior knowledge. 

PSW is your local knowledge base.

Notification hub

General service disruptions occur from time to time with grid-embedded energy systems, from grid operators managing the energy network to manufacturers updating settings.

Please refer to this section along your journey if experiencing an unknown system disturbance 

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Express support service for PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse customers. To assist, upload pictures if possible.

Support hours

Web, email & telephone support

At peak times, telephone contact can be congested when others are being assisted. If so, please leave a message or use the support request form, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Pre-installation support

It’s an exciting time before your new product is installed. We want you to know, we’ve got this! Sit back, relax and enjoy the process. If you have any minor lingering questions, these pre-installation support guides should assist.

Pre-Installation Support ›

The content on this page has been customised for PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse customers and may not be accurate for non-customers. Feel free to browse, though.

Post-installation support

Express self-help resources: Like a car, it’s important to understand how to drive your product when non-warranty scenarios arise to avoid service costs. PSW Life Support has the resources you require to manage your equipment without expenses. 

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What you need to know before installation.

When purchasing any product that has an installation element included, you may have a few lingering questions as time passes. The following PSW Knowledge Base guides should assist.

Gain an idea of how we’re rolling out your energy product from when you purchase your device. Understand your project stages. Project Stages › 

Understand how your project progresses in real-time within your secure online PSW customer portal. An exclusive PSW customer feature to follow your project behind the scenes and a central point containing all product and installation information. Your access details for Project Hub are emailed to you after your product purchase. Project hub ›

Potentially one of the most common questions prior to installation is; How long will my power be disconnected for on installation day?

Power disconnection times vary. In the interest of employee safety, there are two instances where it is mandatory to shut down a power supply:

  • 1. Entering a roof space.
  • 2. Working in an electrical switchboard.


Employee safety is our priority. Each instance will often occur at seperate intervals depending on the work undertaken. A technician will provide job reflective guidance on outage times on the day of installation. Please ask your installation team about power outage intervals when they arrive.

Energy Safety WA  reference ›

Common questions

The general questions you may have along the journey.

We’ll often answer these questions as your project unfolds specifically for your installation. However, there are certain elements you may want to understand ahead of time or as a return reference point after installation.

We’ll do this for you. The PSW solar monitoring portal assistant is for after you’ve received an activation email from PSW Projects Support. Solar monitoring portal setup assistant ›

The mobile application you’ll use to monitor your solar energy system depends on the inverter you purchased as part of the package. Links for each inverter smart device application are contained in the Mobile section under your chosen inverter brand within the solar monitoring portal setup assistant ›

Inverter support

Interpreting the heart of your solar energy system.

Is your monitoring app no longer producing data? One of the most common inverter support queries is reconnecting your inverter to your WiFi. Often a non-warranty scenario, you must understand this process. Find your specific inverter with the PSW WiFi reconnect assistant ›

Should something out of the ordinary occur, your inverter will try to communicate this with you in a general manner prompting you to look up what it’s noticing outside of its normal operating parameters. PSW Event code assistant › (coming soon)

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