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1281 Reviews: 4.9/5 ★★★★★

Diverse platform customer experience: Google, SolarQuotes, SolarChoice, Facebook and Oneflare.

Genuine customer reviews.

Diverse customer reviews over time define a business’s ability to ensure your ongoing satisfaction. That’s because sustainable energy products are more than a point of sale item. You’re going to have questions along the way, and it’s important we support you.

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625 reviews 4.9/5

Google is the reviewing platform open to everyone, even non-purchasing customers. That’s why it’s now more important than ever that, as a trusted local business, we are communicative, transparent and dependable. 

Depth: Greater than 600, first review: 2013.

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537 reviews 4.9/5 is a good platform towards discerning different areas of the installer and product competency. PSW energy doesn’t subscribe to SolarQuotes lead services, therefore, we don’t earn the little badges (bronze, silver, gold etc.)

Depth: Greater than 500, first review: 2015.

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37 reviews 4.8/5

SolarChoice’s installer review section is new so the pool depth is low for most installers who don’t subscribe to lead services. However, SolarChoice is a highly regarded industry knowledge base for customers researching solar products. Therefore, why not customer satisfaction also?

Depth: Greater than 30, first review: 2022.

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82 recommendations 5/5

It’s often wise to urge caution when comparing Facebook reviews, as there are many dubious acquisitions when comparing company to company. Nevertheless, PSW Energy reviews on Facebook are genuine, but most people find us by researching on the internet, just like you.

Depth: Greater than 80, first review: 2015.

Oneflare PSW Energy Reviews

Oneflare by Airtasker

661 reviews 4.9/5

Oneflare is popular with shoppers wanting a platform that has done the installer vetting for them. Oneflare verifies ABN, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Business licences and NETCC Approvals.

Depth (aggregate, Google, Facebook & Oneflare): Greater than 650, first review: 2013. Omitted from review total at top of the page.

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