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Top 10 solar companies in Perth WA by customer satisfaction data

When every solar company is a self-proclaimed number one, how do you truly discern the Top 10 solar companies in Perth? Some companies reference a nominated quarter in a year long gone where they installed the most volume as a No.1 accolade. Others have no justification at all, simply if they say it enough, surely you’ll believe it. Gauged over the last decade, a data-backed answer exists.


When making an energy security investment such as installing solar panels, customer satisfaction over time trumps installation volume in a narrow period. Enduring Time provides the scope of both past and present customer satisfaction, for example, how well a company performs in the event of after sales care, or how likely a company is structured to weather industry highs and lows.

Customer experience is now available for most to see through varied online review platforms. However, these too can be a little skewed, especially platforms that require a paying contribution for retailers listed as Top 10 Solar Companies in Perth. This raises another interesting question, which review platforms can be trusted? As it turns out, the most transparent reviews where a large portion of purchasers perform solar-specific research are on Google & Both platforms provide customer insights into all companies across Perth as not all companies exist on paid subscription platforms such as Product Review.

Therefore, if a company is genuinely at the top of its game, it would be plausible to suggest its customer experience (reviews) be evident through consistency across almost all review platforms, even those that they aren’t monitoring or subscribing to.

Finally, volume or sample size is critical. It’s too easy for organisations to delete poor reviewing accounts, recreate their accounts, and get family and friends to boost a five star review rating. If you’re one of the Top 10 solar companies in Perth over time, less than one hundred reviews doesn’t cut it in most people’s eyes.

The answer to the top 10 solar companies in Perth should be data-driven, using publicly available information. Consider this list your ultimate guide to selecting a reputable installer equally invested in your energy security for the long-term.

Reference Parameters
Greater Perth region (non CBD)
Comparative platforms
Google &
Volume qualification
Greater than 250
Sample size
Combined number of reviews total to the Sample date period
Sample date period
to 21st Feb 2023
The average review score between the Comparative platforms

No.1 by customer review average over time

There will be many perspectives towards what justifies the Top 10 solar companies in Perth, but what’s most important is customer satisfaction over time to best assist an energy investment decision. One final measurement to consider, a local and established presence. That means ruling out leased office spaces in the city–because that’s not how a local solar company operates.

1. Perth Solar Warehouse

Simplifying the adoption of new energy technology, Perth Solar Warehouse ticks the boxes of transparent reviews across the two essential reviewing platforms that give consumers the greatest level of transperancy and that all Top 10 solar companies in Perth have in common. With a comprehensive online product suite, customers can browse at their convenience without being locked into aggressive sales tactics to get a quote/price.

Comprehensively, Perth Solar Warehouse manages everything for users to surpass from day 1 with full monitoring portal integration and a renowned aftercare program. An average rating of 4.9/5 with a review depth of over 800 reviews from the last ten years ensures the buying confidence many seek.

Further accolades in recognition of high customer satisfaction standards over time, based on Sunwiz industry data, Perth Solar Warehouse is ranked as one of Australia’s Top 10 Solar Companies 2023.

Location: 3/90 Discovery Dve, Bibra Lake, WA 6163

Sample size: 865

First review: 2013

Google: 4.9/5

SolarQuotes: 4.9/5

Average: 4.9/5

Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy are McKercher Corporation subsidiaries.

2 to 10 - The complete list

We love numbers. Numbers slice through spin and marketing hype delivering the data inspired information for an informed buying decision. To assist justifying the review total, a Top 10 solar company must have comparative numbers on like-for-like platforms that all companies have in common. A level playing field over the Sample period. 

Sleight of hand tactics are best left up to magicians – looking at one weighted hand of (sometimes dubious) five star reviews while an abundance of negativity exists in other places. Tip: Once you’ve found your shortlist of top ten solar companies, assess by the lowest reviews first and identify how a business handles Aftercare in adverse scenarios to discern a purchasing decision between companies. Talk is cheap, historical assistance is available.

Company 2

Possessing a team of local in-house installation technicians, Koala Solar has consistency across the key reviewing platforms and a healthy sample size for comparison. An assurance towards a good level of customer focus. First review remains below the ten year mark.

Location: Yangebup, WA, 6164

Sample size: 473

First review: 2016

Google: 4.9/5

SolarQuotes: 4.8/5

Average: 4.9/5

Company 3

The youngest company on the list by first review date, Empower has a track record of good customer satisfaction evident across the key platforms combined with a healthy sample size for its age. Customers should have confidence moving forward with Empower Solar Australia.

Location: Canning Vale, WA 6155

Sample size: 425

First review: 2018

Google: 4.9/5

 SolarQuotes: 4.8/5

Average: 4.9/5

Company 4

Westsun are delivering some impressive projects for what can be seen through social media. Meanwhile, increasing a presence in the business-to-customer department. Google to is a fraction mismatched. However, the overall average is commendable with an early initial review date and decent sample size that continues to grow stedily. 

Location: Wangarra, WA, 6065

Sample size: 344

First review: 2014

Google: 5/5

SolarQuotes: 4.6/5

Average: 4.8/5

Company 5

To be fair, Solaire’s review average (if they were a younger company), would most likely be better than the already high average of 4.7. That’s a testament to their time in business and first review date. Younger companies actively follow up reviews. Ignore the sample size on this one, first review date and balance on the reviewing platforms are the key figures here.

Location: Joondalup, WA 6027

Sample size: 287

First review: 2011

Google: 4.8/5

 SolarQuotes: 4.6/5

Average: 4.7/5

Making it to the midway point of the Top 10 solar companies in Perth by customer review an identifiable trend begins to emerge, review scores are always lower. This will be the case when comparing every company’s review to alternative platforms. The difference is that follows up on customer reviews annually to better gauge solar company performance over time.

Many solar companies follow up on customer satisfaction after the point of sale. Even though the true test of a business is how it cares for its customers over time. A sustainable energy product purchase is an investment in your energy security. Always align your investment with a company that you feel comfortable servicing your demands as they arise.

Company 6

A young first review slightly discourages from a good overall average when comparing Perth Solar Force to other Top 10 Solar companies in Perth. A marketing-heavy, sales-intensive company appealing to a broad demographic of purchasers with local in-house installers that many will consider.  

Location: Wangarra, WA, 6065

Sample size: 852

First review: 2016

Google: 4.8/5

SolarQuotes: 4.6/5

Average: 4.7/5

Company 7

Regen have been around for a good period and an early first review date is a reflection of that. Diversity in review platforms is where concern could loom. Nonetheless, Regen Power makes the list of the top 10 solar companies in Perth due to a respectable overall average.

Location: Canning Vale, WA 6155

Sample size: 620

First review: 2010

Google: 4.7/5

 SolarQuotes: 4.5/5

Average: 4.6/5

Company 8

You have to admire any company listed as a Tesla Premium Partner. There’s only 3 nominated (local) in Perth and Clean NRG are one. Tesla Premium Partners are an industry elite gauge. For an established Top 10 Solar company in Perth possessing a good reputation with in home consultations, consider CleanNRG.

Location: Osbourne Park, WA, 6065

Sample size: 324

First review: 2010

Google: 4.8/5

SolarQuotes: 4.5/5

Average: 4.6/5

Company 9

An industry stalwart that moves serious volume locally and nationally. Their early solar ads remain in the minds of many “Remember the name, SolarGain” commentated by Dennis Lillee. A marketing masterstroke that lives on. The oldest review date, largest sample size and commendable average over time.

Location: Malaga, WA, 6090

Sample size: 1193

First review: 2010

Google: 4.6/5

 SolarQuotes: 4.3/5

Average: 4.5/5

Company 10

Solar Naturally, naturally has a reputation for self generated sales (knock, knock), but there’s nothing wrong with that when performed ethically. Possessing a respectable sample size and first review date beyond 10 years. Customers may pay a fraction more for the in-home convenience, but they prove to be customer focused when assessing the average sample size score.

Location: Forrestdale, WA, 6112

Sample size: 969

First review: 2012

Google: 4.6/5

SolarQuotes: 4.4/5

Average: 4.5/5

Discerning different review platforms

Certain review platforms seem credible. Many national and high-volume companies have a large number of reviews on marketing machines such as Product Review and Trust Pilot. These platforms lose credibility when they give premium subscribers (solar companies) the ability to weed out negative sentiments before the review is posted. Nonetheless, comparisons on alternative platforms such as, can assist in identifying a more reflective average score. comes with a warning. The volume/sample size is heavily weighted to its own subscribers – solar companies that purchase leads. While quotes are free for the customer, charges three local installers for the privilege to quote on a project. There’s nothing wrong with this, as the website produces good research content for the energy investor, and they must be paid somehow. Companies that subscribe to are easily identifiable. They earn the badges silver, gold and platinum. Many solar companies that have a healthy internet presence or good word of mouth don’t need to spend money on leads. Unfortunately, these solar companies don’t look as appealing without the badges, but that’s a cost a company must be willing to wear or save their customers.

A place that was rife for purchasing reviews in the previous decade was Facebook. Although, a large question mark exists surrounding Facebook reviews for comparing the Top 10 solar companies in Perth. On the plus side, it seems to be a platform Microsoft is advancing towards for its new ChatGPT-integrated Bing search engine as competition to Google. Evidence credibility could be returning to Facebook reviews in the future. There’s a while to go in this space yet. 

Every Top 10 solar company in Perth is aware of Google reviews. Google reviews are for everyone, not just product purchasers. How a solar company interacts with a potential customer through to aftercare service from purchasing customers. Quite simply, it’s important to be on your best behaviour at all times with Google reviews for solar companies. Google reviews in the early years had the potential to be dubious among certain solar companies, but now are better regulated. Be weary of low review counts from established solar companies. Google business accounts are easy to delete and restart again if the reviews aren’t trending the way they would like.

Top 10 Solar Companies in Perth by Customer Reviews

Points of caution when comparing companies

Your Synergy bill will not pay for your solar energy system loan. Even though different schemes of acquiring a self-generated energy investment appear each day. The greatest misconception, usually from unscrupulous salespeople is that you can swap your Synergy bill payment to pay off a solar energy system. If you’re buying solar (without batteries) on a payment plan in 2023, you will have two ongoing bills. A payment plan direct debit and a Synergy bill that makes up the difference of what the solar couldn’t offset. A little thing called night. Every top 10 solar company is concerned about their reputation and enduring customer satisfaction and will need to steer away from false promises.

Every one of Top 10 solar companies has the best solar panels, right? Unfortunately not. There’s a lot of hype out there towards solar panels with inferior specifications. After all, this has become a sales aggressive industry. The best solar panels Perth customers can buy have three basic numbers to assist a purchasing decision and it’s no longer power or warranty. Efficiency, Temperature Coefficient and Weight are three easy numbers to remember as a gauge to help you cut through the sales spin an understand what elements genuinely contribute towards being ‘the best’. Ranked by Effirciency: The best solar panels Perth customers can buy in 2023 ›

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