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Ranked by Efficiency: Best Solar Panels Perth Customers Can Buy in 2023

‘Best of’ Lists are interesting. Hello, 2023 Internet! Cut through the spin and examine the superior unit of measure regarding the best solar panels Perth and Bunbury region customers can get in 2023 – Efficiency. 


It’s easy to need clarification when bombarded with information trying to decide the best solar panels Perth customers should shortlist for consideration towards a project, and efficiency classifications are no exception. If selecting a solar panel with efficiency as a defining parameter, the first element to consider should be the module efficiency value. However, where much confusion exists when analysing comparisons from selected vendors is cell efficiency, a unit far greater than module efficiency, as it fails to account for the assembled product. Cell efficiency as a unit has greater relevance in manufacturing to assist the outcome of the overall solar module efficiency, affecting how much sure area a solar panel occupies to generate a desired amount of system power (e.g. 6.6, 10 or 13 kW).

Interestingly another unit of measurement should be considered alongside module efficiency, Power Temperature Coefficient. Often written as Temp Coefficient of Pmax on a solar module datasheet, this value determines the percentage of power loss above a selected temperature value (usually 25ºC) per degree above. As heat equals resistance in electrical circuits, the lower the temperature coefficient value, the better the performance in higher stress conditions for each degree above 25ºC. A vital performance factor for determining greater insight into real-world power output potential. Fortunately, the solar panels identified within this list of best solar panels all possess leading Power Temperature Coefficient ratings.

For comparative purposes with mainstream residential offerings, we’re using five governing factors that comprise this list of best solar panels Perth shoppers should consider ranked by efficiency.

Defining Parameters

  1. Residential targeted module designs. In many cases, Australian homes possess reduced surface area options than alternative applications, and maximum efficiency is the key to greater yields in such an instance.
  2. AC panels. Panels with micro inverters integrated excluded.
  3. Modules weighing over 22 kg (these are panels least likely intended for residential rooftops) where 99% of these designs are larger by overall footprint.
  4. Commercial accessibility within the Perth and Bunbury region, Western Australia.
  5. Ignore cell efficiency as a gauge. Module efficiency is the combined technology capability.
  6. Use temperature coefficient as an additional gauge – The lower, the better.
  7. Lower module weight prevails when the module efficiency and temperature coefficient are equal.

1. LONGi Hi-MO 6

LONGi Hi-MO 6 datasheet

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Longi Solar Panels Perth Solar Warehouse

Pros & Cons

¹ Ideal panel size for maximum system oversizing multiplier, without batteries.

A new leader is about to emerge in the number one position for solar panels ranked by efficiency. The ideal peak-performing module size is now 440W and 22.5% efficiency. Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC) is how LONGi can reach the 23.0% efficiency barrier in its new generation Hi-MO6 solar panel. The LONGi Hi-MO 6 front surface is unobstructed from busbars, ensuring the most amount of photons reaching the solar cell’s surface can be harvested.

If you have not heard much about LONGi, they’re big in utility-scale solar power stations. West Australian utility-scale stations that LONGi Solar powers: Chichester Solar Farm; 72 MWdc, Koodaideri; 45 MWdc, Bellevue; 20 MWdc, Kathleen Vally & Jundee; 34 MWdc, Cunderdine; 129 MWdc. LONGi is a proven innovator in solar energy generation.

2. Sunpower Maxeon 3

Maxeon 3 datasheet

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Sunpower Solar Panel

Pros & Cons

¹ Ideal panel size for maximum system oversizing multiplier, without batteries.

Sunpower remains near the pinnacle of the solar panel efficiency spectrum, and the Maxeon 3 is the brand’s current most efficient option. Enhanced by an Integrated Back Contact (IBC) cell formation, the Maxeon 3 has no front surface busbar obstructions, ensuring more photons on Maxeon’s proprietary cell structure. Eliminating front surface obstructions provides a highly conductive path for electricity to flow in varied temperature conditions. Sunpower Maxeon 3 is an unquestionable consideration when solar panel efficiency is a priority.

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3. Risen N-Type TOPCon

Risen N-Type TOPCon series datasheet 

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Risen Solar Panel

Pros & Cons

¹ Current model being shipped to Western Australia from all stockists.

Risen as a brand is no stranger to the Western Australia region, harnessing an abundance of sunlight within Australia’s best-performing solar farm, the Merredin Solar Farm. However, the Risen N-Type TopCon series module are not the same solar panels Perth residents can expect to purchase as those used in WA’s Wheatbelt. It’s even more efficient and ranks in the top 5 solar panels Perth and Bunbury residents can buy in 2023 by efficiency.

Like many other efficiency limit-pushing solar module designs, N-Type TOPCon is the method of choice for Risen, and customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing the brand is heavily invested in the Australian solar module supply landscape from residential solar through to utility-scale power generation.

4. Suntech Ultra V Pro

Suntech Ultra V Pro mini datasheet 

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Suntech Solar Panel

Pros & Cons

¹ Current model being shipped to Western Australia from all stockists.

Suntech, as a brand, has an affinity with Australia, and the Ultra V Pro will ensure its popularity with Australians continues. Reaching the 22.5% efficiency mark is a testament to design. However, the weight is most appealing for the power class of 440W, improving to a mere 21 kg, 2.8 kg less than its predecessor. As solar panels increase in power, customers can pay attention to weight to determine if a solar panel is bigger (increasing weight) or a genuine technology improvement (stable or reduced weight) to achieve the desired power output. Naturally, if you are paying more for a product considered a technology improvement, dimensions/weight should be kept in proportion.

5. REC Alpha Pure R

REC Alpha Pure R datasheet 

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REC Alpha Solar Panel

Pros & Cons

¹ Current model being shipped to Western Australia from all stockists.

A consistent evolution, the REC Alpha Pure R series catapults the Alpha range to the forefront of more sustainable solar module designs, going 100% lead-free and winning the esteemed Intersolar Award 2022. A heterojunction technology (HJT) cell formation, outstanding efficiency/power density per m², and a more environmentally conscious format make the Alpha Pure R desirable, complementing an aesthetically pleasing all-black appearance.

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6. Jinko Tiger Neo

Jinko Neo 54HC datasheet

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Jinko Solar Tiger Neo 54-Cell, black frame solar panel on a transparent background

Pros & Cons

¹ Ideal panel size for maximum system oversizing multiplier, without batteries.

The game-changer we’ve been eagerly waiting for from Jinko. The Tiger Neo 54HC is Jinko’s solar module redefining expectation. The now monocrystalline variant in demand is n-type TOPCon technology. The Jinko Tiger Neo is one of the first modules to perfect this cell foundation towards enhanced efficiency.

Design, Efficiency, Performance, and Guarantee all rank as Elite attributes, which, when combined, puts the Jinko Tiger Neo alongside only a handful of modules globally. Such a feat is often associated with manufacturers other than global volume leaders. However, the Tiger Neo development indicates that the worldwide market demands greater value and performance. As such, the Jinko Tiger Neo is an admirable sight on the technical innovation landscape for the best solar panels Perth shoppers can access.

Two Jinko Tiger Neo solar panels overlapping on a white background for the article: Best Solar Panels Perth by Efficiency.

The Jinko Tiger Neo 440W, 54HC series of modules are one of the most efficient residential solar panels Perth and Bunbury region customers can buy in 2023.

7. Trina Vertex S+

Trina Vertex S+ datasheet 

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Pros & Cons

¹ Current model being shipped to Western Australia from all stockists.

The Vertex S+ is designed to be the ultimate long-term performer by Trina. Complementing an N-Type TOPCon cell formation for high-performance electron flow is a glass-glass encapsulation with virtually no additional weight impact compared to similar-sized modules.

Viewed as the most stable encapsulation for a solar cell, glass substrates don’t degrade like EVA/polymer substrates yet provide more significant support for the fragile cells inside for the product life. A masterstroke of design, equal in weight to size, is attributed to a 1.6mm front sheet (superstrate) and a 1.6mm back sheet (substrate) for a combined 3.2mm glass encapsulation, equalling the thickness of a standard solar module glass front sheet.

Through this design, the Vertex S plus encompasses Trina’s most resounding performance and product guarantee yet. As competition for a competitive edge continues globally, 25 and 30-year warranties are abundant, and many mean little. However, the Vertex S+ is a different breed where one would expect continuous yields to exceed warranted life purely by incorporating technology we know surpasses in real-world conditions. The Trina Vertex S+ may not be the most efficient on this list. Still, it should be a contender as one of the best solar panels Perth and Bunbury region customers consider due to outstanding all-around specifications and design.

Omitted Super-Efficient Panels

Canadian Solar HiHero

Ideal system multiplier: 440W. Efficiency: 22.5%. Maximum module efficiency: 22.8% – 445W model. Cell design: HJT N-Type. Power Temp Coeficient: −0.26%/°C. Weight: 23 kg. Omission: Not available in Western Australia at the time of compilation/ over 22 kg.

Canadian Solar HiHero datasheet 

Qcells Q.TRON-G1 series

Ideal system multiplier: 390W. Efficiency: 21.7%. Maximum module efficiency: 22.3% – 400W model. Cell design: TOPCon N-Type. Power Temp Coeficient: −0.30%/°C. Weight: 19.9 kg. Omission: Not available in Australia at the time of compilation.

Qcells Q.TRON-G1 datasheet 

JA Solar DeepBlue 4.0

Ideal system multiplier: 415W. Efficiency: 21.3%. Maximum module efficiency: 22.3% – 435W model. Cell design: N-Type bifacial. Power Temp Coeficient: −0.30%/°C. Weight: 21.5 kg. Omission: Not available in Australia at the time of compilation.

JA Solar DeepBlue 4.0 datasheet 

Panasonic Evervolt

Maximum module efficiency: 22.2% – 410W model. Cell design: Gapless HJT. Power Temp Coeficient: −0.26%/°C. Weight: 20.5 kg. Omission: Not available in Australia at the time of compilation.

Panasonic Evervolt solar module datasheet 

Power as a gauge for superiority on the solar panel landscape is a bygone era. As the world ramps up its competition towards superior efficiency, there is no longer a standard module size or cell configuration. For project design, there will always be higher-power options of solar panels Perth residents will be able to consider. But these are often sales tactics to appeal to the less researched. After all, we naturally associate higher power with better when comparing many household appliances.

To keep things simple, when considering the best solar panels for a particular project, module efficiency, power temperature coefficient, and weight as a starting point will assist dramatically in sifting through the sales spin. Searching for hassle-free solar in the Perth & Bunbury region? Contact sales support › 

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