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Whole roof top covered in black solar panels over looking a beach in the distance. Young mother and child in a classic convertible car at the left of the house.

Should you consider black solar panels in Australia?

Some say Yes, and others say No. However, with technology always improving, how well do black solar panels perform in 2024? The good news is that two fundamental specifications listed on a solar panel data sheet answer this in relatively simple terms, but you’ve got to know where to look

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Award winning Aiko Black-hole series render featured on a horizon background

How efficient are Aiko solar panels? Are they the best?

2023’s Intersolar Award-winning Aiko solar panel suite will arrive in Australia in Q2 2024. PSW Energy is confirmed as one of the first installers in Australia to offer customers this advanced module design that is currently captivating Europe. Highly anticipated for the residential market, the Neostar 2S features Aiko’s All

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Water droplets on a solar panel for the post: Solar Panel Cleaning - PSW Energy

Solar panel cleaning and how to enhance performance

There comes a point when every solar energy system owner considers when, how and why solar panel cleaning should be performed. The good news for PSW solar system owners is that the answer is less frequent than expected. Still, a few exceptions can be related to high-performance maintenance, depending on

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