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$750 Tesla Powerwall rebate – We’re doubling it!

Exclusive Perth and Bunbury region, extended double offer: A Tesla Powerwall rebate of $750 is available for all Powerwalls installed between August 11 and December 31, 2023. Act fast, as customers must claim their rebate by January 31, 2024. A final sweetener to ensure you don’t miss out, we’re doubling it. Although it’s essential to do your research. Compare how Powerwall measures against other solar batteries on a cost-per-kWh basis, plus the kneed-to-know onboarding information to guarantee you receive the Tesla Powerwall rebate with PSW Energy. 

It begins with an express quote. Take advantage of the 2023 Tesla Powerwall rebate in the Perth and Bunbury region. 

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a Tesla Powerwall, now is the ideal time to consider a quote. As a Tesla Premium Partner 2023, eligible PSW Energy (and Perth Solar Warehouse) customers receive a $750 rebate after installing and registering the Tesla Powerwall. Powerwall’s retrofit out-of-pocket expense starts from $13,990 or $1036 per kWh for a limited time—a steal for the intelligence and energy security included.

Energy storage presents many benefits away from one-cycle per day return on investment calculations, and Tesla Powerwall owners realise this more than anyone else. Powerwall is a superior energy management system that can take advantage of Smart Tariff utilisation features while providing a significant backup power supply in the event of a power failure. 

Second generation Tesla Powerwall Rebate

How the rebate works

  1. A Tesla Certified Installer must install your Tesla Powerwall. Select a Tesla Certified Premium Installer, such as PSW Energy, for an additional layer of product assurance.
  2. PSW Energy will match the Tesla Powerwall rebate at the point of sale, deducting an additional $750 from your quote.
  3. Bonus offer: The additional PSW discount and Tesla Powerwall rebate apply to sale prices. Yes, even the current nominated sale prices.
  4. Apply your Tesla Powerwall rebate to every Powerwall installed and activated. Even alongside existing Powerwalls.
  5. Enjoy the benefits of the world’s most advanced energy storage system with the confidence of locally-backed premium support.

We're doubling it

For a limited time, PSW Energy will match the Tesla Powerwall rebate affecting an out-of-pocket price saving of $1500. At the point-of-sale, PSW Energy will apply an additional -$750 Tesla Powerwall rebate match discount, plus you receive the $750 Telsa Powerwall rebate after claiming, bringing the total out-of-pocket price for a general retrofit Powerwall to an unheard of $1036 per kWh.

December offer: If PSW can’t install your Powerwall in 2023, we’ll provide the Tesla Powerwall rebate as a point-of-sale discount for Jan/Feb 2024 installation only.

Package discounts Cost saving breakdown Cost per kWh
Comparison: Original Powerwall (6.4 kWh)
Latest Powerwall (13.5 kW) retrofit to solar, gateway included
Powerwall on sale (-$500)
Powerwall on sale + PSW rebate match (-$750)
Powerwall on sale + PSW rebate match + Tesla rebate (-$750)

Before the Tesla Powerwall rebate, a Tesla Powerwall retrofit cost in Perth by PSW Energy (installed alongside an existing solar system) was approximately $1184 per kWh. So we created a promotion to make the adoption of this outstanding solar battery more accessible and brought the Cost per kWh down to $1073—tremendous value when comparing low-cost, lower-function solar batteries per kWh. Some people suggest they’ll buy batteries when the cost comes down. The investment outlay has now levelled. The amount paid for a current model Powerwall is equal in price to its predecessor. However, the storage capacity has more than doubled for a similar cost, reducing the cost-per-kWh by half. Solar batteries in 2023 have effectively halved in price.

Add the Tesla Powerwall rebate and a matching PSW Energy discount; the base retrofit cost is $1036 per kWh. Unquestionably, Powerwall is the best-value solar battery based on the additional Tesla technology benefits beyond the primary function of load shaving.

Price breakthrough

Retrofit: from $1036 per kWh

Tesla Powerwall 2 Hero Image for: Tesla Powerwall Rebate
  • Store solar energy for latter use
  • Energy price protection
  • Power supply stability
  • 360° energy monitoring
  • Blackout protection
  • Smart tariff utilisation
  • Enhanced property value/appeal
  • Enhanced Wall Connector usability 
  • Home Tesla energy ecosystem hub

Depending on the selected technology, alternative DC-coupled solar battery prices range from $800 to $1500 kWh when comparing 9 to 15 kWh models. DC-coupled solar batteries are only a battery and require a capable battery inverter or hybrid inverter to function. If not existing, adding an inverter will inevitably affect the Cost per kWh upward.

Overall battery & inverter cost (investment) ÷ useable storage (kWh) = Cost per kWh.

Local and proven since 2004, PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse is a certified Tesla Premium Partner 2023. Lingering questions? Contact sales support to assist with the Tesla Powerwall rebate.


$750 Tesla Powerwall rebate 2023; Official offer (download) ›

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