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Sigenergy Sigenstor Hero image with black background

Review: Sigenergy’s ‘SigenStor’ defines a new digital battery era

Say goodbye to the mainstream disconnected (analogue) era of sustainable energy. A new ‘digital era’ is here, and the next generation of all-encompassing energy ecosystems will be built safer, faster, and more scalable, with improved self-generated energy utilisation features. Sigenergy SigenStor has arrived. Contents Key points AI system architecture compliments a

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Is A Tesla Powerwall Worth It in Australia

Is Tesla Powerwall worth it? Lifespan, cost, warranty & features

Pondering the question “Is Tesla Powerwall worth it” (the investment) has an answer often as individual as one’s self. However, it’s possible to assess whether Powerwall is worth the investment for your circumstance based on three fundamental aspects; Cost, Value and Time. Each of these we explore in detail to determine if

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Tesla PowerWall Rebate Perth WA 2023

$750 Tesla Powerwall rebate – We’re doubling it!

Exclusive Perth and Bunbury region, extended double offer: A Tesla Powerwall rebate of $750 is available for all Powerwalls installed between August 11 and December 31, 2023. Act fast, as customers must claim their rebate by January 31, 2024. A final sweetener to ensure you don’t miss out, we’re doubling it.

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Couple receiving a solar battery system at hand-over with technician running through the operation for the post: PSW express quote guide

The PSW express quote guide: For better value technology

Best prices and high customer satisfaction don’t always go together. However, customer satisfaction levels become elevated if you place expectations at the forefront while combining technology to assist with a streamlined, organised quoting and installation process. 90% of homes in Perth and the Bunbury region of Western Australia possess similar

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Jinko Solar panel warranty: The devil is in the detail

Jinko Solar panel warranty: The devil is in the detail

Selecting one of the world’s largest solar module manufacturers to be incorporated as part of your system solution should be a sure thing. Not entirely, and it’s essential to know where you stand should something not quite go as planned after installation. When it comes to your Jinko solar panel

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Aleo Solar Panels by PSW Energy

Aleo, a True German Made Solar Panel Alternative.

You’ve been told German made solar panels no longer exist. Such a statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. Potentially options for Australian’s have dwindled in recent years, however, one of the world’s longest-serving German-made solar panel manufacturers, Aleo, is now making their mark down under. What’s better, there

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Enphase Warranty Australia

Enphase Warranty Bolstered with Preferred Installer Program.

Without correct implementation, your Enphase inverter warranty or associated ongoing support can be considered redundant. As of such, many mainstream solar technologies are now implementing specialised installer networks as an additional consumer safeguard. The Enphase preferred installer network is any prospective Enphase system shoppers assured purchasing channel which considers all

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