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How to Ensure Your Suntech Solar Panel Warranty Security.

Suntech boasts a rich heritage when associated with Australia. Combine such heritage with modern evolutionary technology and a respected warranty, it becomes easy to see why many Australian homes and businesses choose Suntech. Most importantly, consumers should consider the installation business for a secure Suntech solar panel warranty.


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Many solar installation businesses would have consumers believe that a CEC Accreditation is all you need to know when selecting an approved installer of the Suntech solar panel range. However, did you know that CEC Accreditation is only a mere endorsement of training in (general) safe solar industry practises?

Suntech’s installer certification is an endorsement of the installation company to ensure the product remains sourced and installed as per manufacturers recommended guidelines. Through utilising a Suntech certified installer, consumers can rest assured the most current Suntech solar panels available combined with a more secure Suntech solar panel warranty due to specialised product knowledge.

Suntech Solar Panels HQ
Controlled distribution.

Manufacturers, such as Suntech, prefer a simplified yet structured supply chain. That means the Suntech solar panels you buy have endured only trusted points of contact to the final destination, your roof.

The Suntech preferred supply chain method is as follows;

Suntech > Authorised Distributor > Authorised Installer > Your roof.

A maximum two-party contact between the installation location and the manufacturer. Unfortunately, due to supply and demand, many parties offer and source Suntech solar panels through incorrect channels, increasing the points of contact and ignoring appropriate handling procedures. The result can be a reduced product lifespan and an invalid Suntech warranty.

The difference, a Suntech certified installer compared to any installer with basic industry accreditation considering both hold CEC Accreditation:


PSW Energy
  • Sourced from a Suntech authorised distributor.
  • Minimal supply chain points of contact upholds product integrity.
  • Suntech recommended shipping and handling methods adhered.
  • Specialised installation - assured manufacturers guarantee integrity.
  • Suntech solar panel warranty intact for longterm peace of mind.


Non-certified Installer
  • Sourced from the lowest price distribution option.
  • Unknown - extra & untrusted points of contact reduces product integrity.
  • Unkown - incorrect shipping/handling has proven to cause internal damage.
  • Unkown - Installation guidelines are unique to every different module.
  • Unkown - Impropper installation renders all warranties void.

IMPORTANT: If your selected Suntech solar panels are not handled or installed to Suntech guidelines, your particular Suntech solar panel warranty is rendered void.

Latest technology.

The latest Suntech solar panels on offer adopt the popular 120 half-cell format. 2020’s Suntech HyPro 330W presents excellent value while the new 2021 Suntech Full Black Series 350W module meets modern market expectation in the refined efficiency class while combing for superior aesthetic appeal.

Suntech ALL Balck Solar Panel - Perth Solar Warehouse

350 W

Suntech Full Black Series (2021)
  • 350W max output power.
  • P-Type monocrystalline
  • 120 half-cell format.
  • 19% module efficiency.
  • Temperature coefficient -0.40%/°C.
  • 1670 (L) x 992 (W) x 35 (H) mm.
  • 25-yr performance guarantee.
  • 15-yr product warranty.

330 W

Suntech HyPro (2020)
  • 330W max output power.
  • P-Type monocrystalline.
  • 120-half-cell format.
  • 19.6% module efficiency.
  • Temperature coefficient -0.37%/°C.
  • 1684 (L) x 1002 (W) x 35 (H) mm.
  • 25-yr performance guarantee.
  • 15-yr product warranty.
Secure warranty.

As of 2020, all the Suntech solar panel warranty within the PSW Energy range are accompanied by a superior 15-year product and 25-year performance warranty when sourced and installed to manufacturers guidelines.

Consumers should be aware that if the solar panel does not comply with the manufacturer specifications, the warranty is 0-years (non-existent). After years of improper procurement, solar panel manufacturers, such as Suntech, have enlisted certified partner programs to ease the fear of improper installation techniques which lead to the critical failure of solar modules.

PSW certification.

Suntech Australia state on their website “We only partner with installers of the highest quality”. As one of only two certified Suntech installation partners in Western Australia, rest assured knowing the Suntech certified installer program is an elite group of trusted providers trusted to uphold a Suntech solar panel warranty.

Expert support.

Ever think you may be worried how your Suntech solar panels may be performing in a few years time against the Perth average?

PSW Energy possesses one of the most extensive monitored Suntech solar panel plant fleets within the Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury regions, Western Australia. With such comprehensive production data available for comparison, should you have any concerns relating to the output or performance of selected Suntech solar panels, PSW technical experts are in the box seat to verify data-driven, local support you deserve.

Should there be a technical concern relating to your Suntech solar panels warranty, when purchased through PSW Energy, rest assured expedited one point contact through PSW Life Support, with PSW Energy being a recognised warranty agent for most major solar brands including Suntech.

Trusted buying.

Ensure you purchase only the latest Suntech solar panel technology available in Australia. The PSW Energy online store provides the transparency you deserve as every Suntech model is different.

When ready, review PSW Energy based on past customer satisfaction online. PSW Energy staff ensure a Suntech solar panel warranty is in place from the beginning. Should a warranty instance occur and improper installation is the cause, PSW Energy will always cover any short-fall.

Suntech solar panels installed to manufacturers specifications have a history of successful performance spanning three-decades in Australian conditions. Ensure the solar energy system you are investing in is accompanied by reliability along with proven performance. Select PSW Energy for an assured Suntech solar panel warranty and surpass.

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