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The PSW express quote guide: For better value technology

Best prices and high customer satisfaction don’t always go together. However, customer satisfaction levels become elevated if you place expectations at the forefront while combining technology to assist with a streamlined, organised quoting and installation process. 90% of homes in Perth and the Bunbury region of Western Australia possess similar electrical and building characteristics that PSW can remotely assess for compatibility. Should remote identification indicate that a site visit is required for a firm price, a technician is dispatched to investigate. This process eliminates sales commission. Continue to see how much more PSW can save you.


Customers expect good products and services at a competitive price. So, we developed a process to make the best solar and energy technology accessible to more. The requirement for sustainable energy is imperative. Affordability is only sometimes associated with low quality. Should high-standard processes be implemented for most home designs, affordability enhances the high-quality uptake of renewable energy.

Although there may be lower-cost solutions than PSW, an investment of resources in areas where ideal customer outcomes are most likely to be expected, such as aftercare, should not be discounted. Aftercare in the form of PSW Life Support assists ongoing customer satisfaction beyond the point of sale. Better outcomes exist from a combined volume of happy customer solutions over time alongside balanced prices rather than sales teams and home appointments.

An alternative approach that resonates with the modern customer within a majority of instances. PSW Ranking ›

Fast-track your quote

Do you have a smartphone? If so, we may well be the ideal solution for you. Plus, this is going to be a great tool in the future for all your system monitoring purposes. Initially, sales support requires one essential photo of your property, allowing us to ask you fewer questions:

  1. Photo inside your main switchboard (including the electricity meter)
  2. (if applicable) Image of any electrical sub-board


Provided below are some examples. These items, alongside the installation address, will assist sales support with an express quote for you to consider.

 3. Providing a recent Synergy bill (front & back) ensures we can provide a comprehensive evaluation for application suitability, and no extra costs are guaranteed.

Your quote information: We'll combine this with your original inquiry.

Example: 1

Photo inside your main switchboard (including the electricity meter)

PSW Express Quote Guide Image 1 - Main switchboard with meter

Example: 2

(only if your property has one) Photo of any electrical sub-board.

PSW Express Quote Guide - Internal Sub-board

Information & purpose

It’s important that we communicate how your supplied information works within this process. These photos and any additional information you can provide assist our ability to offer a streamlined sales process without time-consuming appointments where possible. Here’s how your provided information determines express quote product suitability.

Information Purpose
Meter & Switchboard
• Meter age and suitability
• Phases at point of supply
• Available space for additional circuitry
• Main switch upgrade requirements
• Downstream connection points
• Phases supplied to sub-board
• Available space at downstream connection
Synergy Bill
• Average and historical use
• Supply address as nominated by Synergy
• NMI number
• Existing embedded generation devices
Supplementary: Front of house
• House construction
Supplementary: Garage
• Possible mounting location of products

Should any aspect of your installation prove inconclusive via a remote assessment while falling into our defined scope of works, sales support will dispatch a technician to assess suitability and finalise a quotation cost.

How is PSW quoting different

Our approach may not be for everyone. However, in 2023, digital proficiency is something a large cross-section of customers have adapted towards. Therefore, sales mechanisms can also shift to provide better value in areas where customer satisfaction levels are more likely to be elevated along the journey.

In most alternative instances, a salesperson attends a property and takes photos of specific property and electrical elements while discussing your options. Perhaps even delivering an on-the-spot quote. Their time travelling to you and on-site is built into the cost of your product to sustain a salary. Alternatively, you can take the same photos and send them to a locally proven provider such as PSW. If required, we can discuss your options in a fraction of the time while delivering superior value. Meanwhile, you’ve received another quote for consideration.

Following a proven outcome property and electrical checklist for 90% of homes in the Perth and Bunbury region, PSW provides enduring value for more to experience through innovation. Should questions arise, locally-based email and phone support are responsive to assist with lingering questions.

PSW Energy is a technically powered business inspired by positive outcomes.

Can we meet

Absolutely. Meetings with PSW sales support can be in person at our Perth headquarters, plus you’ll get to view your products before buying:

3/90 Discovery Drive, Bibra Lake, Western Australia, 6163

If you’re still on the fence about who to choose, visiting an organisation in live action soon aids the selection process. Are they clean and organised? Is the team as sharp as the salesperson? Is the organisation as established as they make out to be? What size is the business’s local operation? You can tell a lot by visiting any business in person…

Visit PSW ›

Purchasing myths busted

Group buying discounts are often not discounts but more an excuse to sit one-on-one with the financial decision-makers. Unless you are 100% confident, avoid signing an offer on the day, as these contracts can be troublesome to exit, especially if your supply authority application process commences. Listen, but avoid signing. Take your time to weigh up all options.

A solar or battery system will eliminate your bill. Unfortunately, not. Only you can eliminate your electricity bill with the assistance of a solar or battery system. More advanced options now come with energy consumption monitoring in line with production monitoring, assisting more actionable decision-making opportunities for savings change. Learn moreWhy an energy consumption monitor is ideal with solar ›

You require an onsite inspection. Only in 10% of instances. With adequate remote qualification processes, most unforeseen installation issues, whether a site has been attended or not, arise during installation. That’s why it’s important to select a company that ensures no unforeseen costs such as PSW.

Offer ends at midnight. At least you know we’ll be here tomorrow. PSW offers are advertised extensively prior to an offer ending for any nominated period. We will often honour quotes delivered within 7 days of a promotion end date. Excludes rebates or products limited by quantity.

The best/number one proclamations: the best of what? Best of lists are interesting and only carry weight when we consider ‘the best of what’. In a world where everyone considers themselves the best, references and numbers offer substance to such claims. Time, volume, importance and recognition diversity (greater than one source) will always assist in discerning the good from the great.

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