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Goodwe EH 5kW hybrid inverter (1-phase).

  • Goodwe EH hybrid inverter (1-phase).
  • WiFi communication.
  • iOS & Android monitoring software & apps.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 5-year workmanship warranty.
  • PSW Life Support.

Price includes installation as a like-for-like compatible replacement to an existing inverter, within PSW Installation Zone 1.

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EH - The versatile 1-phase hybrid inverter.

The brand new Goodwe EH hybrid Series is a single-phase energy storage inverter which features UPS to secure your power when the grid is down or compromised. 

Stand-out features.

Ensure an inverter technology which suits your preferences and intents. Discover the features which define the Goodwe EH single-phase solar and battery inverter range.

Goodwe SEMS Portal


SEMS Portal
  • All-in-one monitoring platform.
  • Live production data.
  • Smart meter available (additional item).
  • iOS & Android mobile applications.
Tesla Powerwal Sideways


Battery ready
  • AC-coupled battery compatible.
  • Tesla Powerwall 2, SENEC.Home.
  • Blackout protection within selected batteries.
  • View energy consumption, production and battery charge/discharge.


Trusted brand
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Australia's second highest selling inverter brand.
  • Over a decade of manufacturing success.
  • Global No.1 Hybrid inverter supplier.

Add a battery?

Soluna 15K.

The 15k HV by Soluna is the 15kWh energy-dense DC-coupled storage solution 1-phase power supplies require. Compatible with the Goodwe EH inverter range.

Soluna HV solar battery by PSW Energy

LG Chem.

Seamless DC Coupled energy storage by LG Energy.

BYD Premium

Modular energy storage compatible Goodwe EH inverters.

Upgrade your system.

Remove and replace your existing solar energy system with a new system for a fraction extra cost of an inverter replacement. Enjoy entire system warranty coverage by PSW Energy, enhanced performance, greater energy production and PSW Life Support. 

PSW Life Support.

Superior Customer Care For the Life of Your Product and Beyond

Based in Perth, WA.

Guarantee your new Goodwe EH solar and battery inverter success with a technical expert by your side, always. Learn more >

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Additional information

Inverter make

Goodwe EH


Goodwe SEMS Portal

Electricity supply



PSW Energy in-house installation: Like-for-like compatible replacement.

Inverter warranty


Installation & service warranty


Bonus 1

Full monitoring/ software configuration & network integration.

Bonus 2

PSW Life Support

Extra costs (if required): Travel


Installation area

PSW Energy Installation Zone 1

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