Huawei Inverter Wifi Reconnect Guide.

Is your Huawei inverter no longer producing data? Let’s get that back for you with the PSW Energy Huawei Inverter WiFi Reconnect Guide. The great news is that this is often only ever a minor issue. Chances are, the solar energy system is still producing power, you simply can’t see this information being logged anymore through either the FusionSolar or NetEco app or portal.

Huawei FusionHome Solar Monitoring

Likely causes.

Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Was there a blackout or a power outage recently?
  • Has the modem been switched off for any reason recently?
  • Have you recently changed to the NBN?
  • Has the modem been changed or upgraded?
  • Has the solar system been switched off recently?
  • Has an electrician been working on the property?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then there is a high chance your Huawei inverter has disconnected from your WiFi network. In a nutshell, your inverter is now trying to communicate through an IP address which is no longer available from your modem.

It’s important you know the steps to reconnect any WiFi based device as IP addresses will continue to change over the systems lifetime. Here is how to get your Huawei inverter WiFi reconnected. 

IMPORTANT: If your inverter has disconnected from your WiFi network, this will not affect your solar energy systems ability to produce energy. It will only prohibit  the communication to the Huawei FusionSolar cloud server which allows you the view your solar production information.

Huawei inverter WiFi reconnect guide.

The following guide is applicable for all Huawei wifi enabled inverters, including the SUN2000 and SUN2000L and SUN2000L Hybrid models.

Please download the FusionHome app (this is a separate app from FusionSolar and NetEco) from either Google Play or Apple App Store. You will also need access to the inverter and a wifi-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

The easiest way to reconnect is by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the label to connect to the inverter’s wifi once you have opened the FusionHome app. However, if this is not an option on your model, please follow these steps:

Step 1.

Open the FusionHome app on your wifi-enabled device. Select the WIFI tab in the top left -hand corner, then the second option (TAP TO GO TO SYSTEM SETTINGS). The WLAN INVERTER tab at the top. An image of your inverter will appear under the heading, click on the inverter. The IDENTITY AUTHENTICATION page will appear, select the INSTALLER tab from the account drop down menu and enter the password 00000a, then click VERIFY. Go to COMMUNICATION CONFIGURATION tab, then ROUTER CONNECTION SETTINGS and enable ‘Connect to a wireless router’ function.

Step 2.

Press the WLAN arrow and a list of available wifi networks will appear, select your own network from the list and then insert the password for your network.

Wi-Fi Settings

Step 3.

Ensure that the DHCP option is enabled and that the domain name is for SUN2000 single-phase inverters and SUN2000L-KTL inverters installed prior to December 2019 or to for all SUN2000-KTL-MO three-phase inverters and ALL inverter models installed by us from December 2019 onwards.

PLEASE NOTE THAT FROM MARCH 2020, the domain will be migrated to the domain, which will be a seamless migration and you will not have to do anything, Huawei will keep you informed and we are always here for support.

Step 4.

Check the status of the internet connection on the top left side above Device Information.

Wi-Fi Status

Step 5.

Now open your NetEco or FusionSolar app or portal and your system will be back on display!

Be good to yourself.

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