Huawei Inverter Wifi Reconnect Guide.

Is your Huawei inverter no longer producing data? Let’s get that back for you with the PSW Energy Huawei Inverter WiFi Reconnect guide. The great news is that this is often only ever a minor issue. Chances are the solar energy system is still producing power,  you simply can’t see this information being logged anymore through the Huawei FusionSolar APP.

Huawei FusionHome Solar Monitoring

Likely causes.

Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Was there a blackout or a power outage recently?
  • Has the modem been switched off for any reason recently?
  • Have you recently changed to the NBN?
  • Has the modem been changed or upgraded? 
  • Has the solar system been switched off recently?
  • Has an electrician been working on the property? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then there is a high chance your Huawei inverter has disconnected from your WiFi network. In a nutshell, your inverter is now trying to communicate through an IP address which is no longer available from your modem.

It’s important you know the steps to reconnect any WiFi based device as IP addresses will continue to change over the systems lifetime. Here is how to get your Huawei inverter WiFi reconnected. 

IMPORTANT: If your inverter has disconnected from your WiFi network, this will not affect your solar energy systems ability to produce energy. It will only prohibit  the communication to the Huawei FusionSolar cloud server which allows you the view your solar production information.

Huawei inverter WiFi reconnect guide.

The following Huawei inverter WiFi reconnect guide is applicable for all Huawei WiFi enabled inverters which include the Huawei SUN2000L and Huawei SUN2000 Hybrid models.

For ease of reference the Huawei buttons will be referred to as 1, 2, 3, 4 from left to right.

Step 1.

To complete the reconnection of your inverter, you’ll need access to the inverter and a WiFi-enabled device such as your smartphone or tablet. 

Open up the FusionHome App on your WiFi-enabled device. Select the WIFI tab in the top-left hand corner. Then select the second option (TAP TO GO TO SYSTEM SETTINGS). The WLAN page will appear, select the SUN2000L network and enter in your password (if you haven’t already changed your password it will be “Changeme”). 

Once you’ve entered the password click SETTINGS up the top, this will return back to the app.

Step 2.

Select the INVERTER tab up the top. An image of your inverter will appear under the heading, click on the inverter. The IDENTITY AUTHENTICATION page will pop up. Select the INSTALLER  tab from the account drop down and enter the password “00000a”, and click VERIFY . In the operation console menu, select QUICK SETTING , when the Quick Setting menu loads, click QUICK SETTING again and select your network from the drop down menu, and enter in your network password. Then click NEXT, once step 2 loads select NEXT.

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Step 3.

The step 3 in quick setting is a self check where the inverter will perform a self-check to set parameters. Once the check is complete click NEXT. The next step is to set the

Step 4.

Once the Network setup page has loaded, two columns are displayed Connection mode (left) and WLAN Settings (right).

1. Under the Connection mode column (left) select the Solar.web via WLAN option.

2. Under the WLAN Settings column (right) select the network you would like to connect your Fronius inverter to from the list of available networks. 

TIP: Have your network name and password handy.

Fronius Inverter Wifi Reconnect Guide.

3. tap the Set… button located on the bottom-left hand corner below the Available networks box. A small box will pop up called WLAN connection. Enter your network password then select Save

CHECK: When you have successfully saved your network password, select Configure WLAN IP button, and ensure the Get address is set to dynamic (not static), then select OK. 

4. Select Connect. A series of connection attempts will cycle with your chosen network. Once connected a Network status page will display the modem connected to the inverter but No internet connection. In the WiFi settings on the mobile device which you are using, disconnect with the Fronius inverter and resume using an alternative WiFi source.

Log into Fronius Solar.web and your Fronius inverter should now be reconnected.

Prefer video? Rest your eyeballs on this simple video of the Fronius Inverter Wifi Reconnect Guide.​

Be good to yourself.

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