SMA Energy Meter (installed).

  • 1 x SMA Energy Meter solar monitor.
  • View energy import and export data.
  • Sunny Portal by ennexOS online monitoring software.
  • iOS & Android app available.
  • PSW Life Support.
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Universal power measurement for intelligent energy measurement.


The SMA Energy Meter opens up greater energy insight into your SMA Sunny Portal ennexOS online monitoring portal. Your solar inverter builds solar production data. The SMA energy meter produces energy import and export data. Combining the 2 data elements facilitates greater energy saving opportunities.


Equipped with a secure ethernet connection direct to the SMA solar inverter, the SMA Energy Meter communicates to the SMA Sunny Portal through the SMA solar inverters wireless or wired internet connection.

SMA Sunny Portal by PSW Energy

German built

As Germany’s largest solar inverter manufacturer, the SMA Energy Meter is built to perform seamlessly alongside your SMA devices.


PSW Life Support facilitates you with the ability to get the most from your SMA Energy Meter and Sunny Portal. Superior technical support for life ensures you the ability for greater production every day.

PSW Life Support, based in Perth.

Global knowledge, localy based. A technical expert by your side, always.

When you need the information required to deliver your energy profile on every smart device you own, the SMA Sunny Portal completes the entire picture. No solar energy system owner should ever be without a linked data energy import/export meter.

It’s different to your utility smart meter. Unless you’re exceptionally consistent and like A LOT  of manual data entry and spreadsheets, the SMA Energy Meter very different. Aided by your solar installations internet protocol (modem), receive real-time analytical power/grid supply insight and service messages in collaboration with your SMA solar inverter readings.

100% Control. The information you require to make on the spot decisions for how you use your power supply. Such decisions affect your ability to save more energy through better solar energy utilisation. At the end of the day when considering solar monitoring, ask yourself… If you cant see energy import and export information in conjunction with your solar production data, what are you looking at?

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Additional information

Max Current

5A / 63A


4-pole DIN mount


2 LEDs

Electrical Connection

Direct (series of L1, L2, L3)

Solar Inverter Compatibility

SMA Sunny Boy & Tripower


Sunny Boy by ennexOS



Extra costs (if required):


Installation area

PSW Energy Installation Zone 1

Need to know

  1. Interest-free payment plans cannot be used in conjunction with sale prices and are issued on the RRP (recommended retail price) only.
  2. The PSW Energy SMA Energy Meter is a single & three-phase device only and adaptable to selected SMA solar inverters only.
  3. Additional restricted access installation costs may apply, a property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  4. Should an existing solar energy system require alteration, additional installation costs may apply. A property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
  5. Listed price does not include installation. Installation services to the following geographical location; installation zone 1 > is available at an additional cost. A property assessment must be conducted and quoted.
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