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Discover up to 3 x more energy saving power guaranteed from PSW Energy's collection of German-made solar panels.

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PERTH'S LARGEST ONLINE SOLAR STORE. You've discovered Perth's largest selection of high-performance solar.


Save more, better technology.

Drastically reduce your electricity bills without adding additional solar panels or batteries.

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New glass-glass solar panels.

MADE IN GERMANY, view the latest most durable solar panel technology available.

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The Future is Glass-Glass

The most stable environment ever created for a solar cell.

Premium Economy Solar

Premium technology, international quality standard.

Superior Inverter Upgrades

Proven technology, huge value for money.

Energy Storage Systems

The future has arrived. 

LG Chem RESU10H Energy Storage System

Dependable Commercial Solar

Reduce business overheads instantly.

Consider your ultimate goal. Is it to spend money on another system/ product for the home or business? Or are you searching for the ability to minimise and control energy bills in the short, medium and long-term at an affordable price?

The good news. You’ve discovered Perth’s largest range of ultra-tough German made solar and energy systems at the lowest prices. Superior equipment built to outlast and outperform all others. In fact by up to 3 x more guaranteed. No spin, simply superior products built to last the journey. The solar panels Perth shoppers consider when shopping for the best overall return on investment.

Save more with PSW Energy to protect your future income. You’re not alone, Everyone gets to this point, you need relief. Just don’t compromise your hard earned money on unproven and unsupported technologies which overpromise and underdeliver. By ensuring you get what you know is proven and you inevitably save more. Be facilitated with the right tools (hardware/software) and support to minimise energy utility dependency, in turn, ensuring the bill savings you’ve always wanted to achieve.


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