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You’re very important to us. When purchasing a system from PSW Energy, unmatched customer benefits is all about the little things. Everything you never thought of or expected, exclusive benefits to PSW shoppers.

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Click any of the boxes below for easy access to the PSW services and information you require. Please note that many functions have restricted access and are limited to PSW customers only.

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Every customer who purchases through PSW becomes a VIP with superior end-user benefits far greater than could be expected.


See exactly how your project is progressing behind the scenes with your personalised client management portal. 

Stage explanations, progress pipelines, applications, important documents, schedule, site imagery, after sales support and more. Locating the information you need through countless emails is now a thing of the past, everything you need exists here. 

A PSW Exclusive feature.

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Solar Panels Perth Warehouse with Fronius Inverter


If needed , the support you require shouldn’t be any less than instant. Therefor, to cater towards expedited after hours care, PSW Energy possesses one of the most comprehensive online assistance libraries available.


Chat and receive feedback from other PSW customers and staff members with the PSW Life Support community Facebook group. Still considering whether to choose PSW? Join now and get your questions answered by past PSW customers.

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Unrivalled customer care for life. Far beyond the point of sale, take advantage of PSW’s access to over 15-years of technical market presence through parent company McKercher Corporation. 5-star customer satisfaction is built upon the ability to support a product and service long-term.

PSW Life Support ensures you access to the industries most knowledgeable minds for life.

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The latest feature for PSW customers is our way of saying thank you. Still very much in development, expect exclusive access to discounted online only offers, new product releases prior to market availability, unrestricted site access and more benefits coming soon.

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Better technology delivers up to 3 x more power guaranteed.
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