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Review: Sigenergy’s ‘SigenStor’ defines a new digital battery era

Say goodbye to the mainstream disconnected (analogue) era of sustainable energy. A new ‘digital era’ is here, and the next generation of all-encompassing energy ecosystems will be built safer, faster, and more scalable, with improved self-generated energy utilisation features. Sigenergy SigenStor has arrived.


Key points

It’s widely known that the foundations are fundamental to any construction standing the test of time, and products are no different. Although much has changed in the preconceived foundational elements of technology, those best prepared will surpass the competition.

Much like Elon Musk identified that the future of transportation is electric, Tony XU, CEO and Founder of Sigenergy, believes that “integrating AI with sustainable energy solutions by adopting the latest Device-Edge-Cloud architecture from the very beginning and to help lead the industry into the next phase”.

To simplify the words of Tony XU in a recent interview with PV Magazine, Sigenergy’s Sigenstor is developed from a primary software platform with the hardware constructed to suit consistent operational requirements. Further simplified, Sigenstore consistently evolves as your energy needs do. In contrast, 98% of sustainable energy products today have limited upgrading potential as energy supplies change. 

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The fundamental component

Software. From 2024, the difference customers now have among sustainable energy products is like comparing a digital vs analogue technology era. There is nothing wrong with analogue-type devices, but they are more disconnected than internally integrated digital systems, such as SigenStor, which maximises complete system control. Translating to a faster, safer, more scalable system with unlimited potential, ideal for the modern energy user. Consider a computer without internet connectivity, its function is limited. Your sustainable energy supply is now the same.

SigenStor by Sigenergy is the first five-in-one sustainable energy solution with limited areas of communicative breakdown due to an all-encompassing digital foundation. By harmonising communication among critical components, Sigenstor manages operational and safety parameters through mySigen App, continuously monitoring operational performance.

mySigen App by Sigenergy maximises self-generated energy utilisation.

5 in one hardware options

Promoted as an all-in-one sustainable energy solution, SigenStor undoubtedly appeals to the futurist, but what are these five-in-one features, and how do they assist in future-proofing your energy investment?

1. Solar (& Battery) Inverter: An essential item for solar generation input converting DC (Direct Current) energy into power-supply compatible AC (Alternating Current) energy. The solar inverter exists within the Sigenergy controller (top module).

2. EV DC Charger (optional): Further explained in ‘Game Changing Options’ below, the Sigenergy DC electric vehicle charger, in its simplest form, maximises energy utilisation on the DC side of the SigenStor system. Reducing AC energy conversion losses and potential grid power supply limitations. The EV DC Charger’s position exists between the Controller and the Battery Pack stack.

3. Battery PCS (Power Control System): Every battery stack needs a Power Control System. Whether that’s in the form of a DC-coupled control unit, a battery-specific inverter or a multi-mode solar and battery inverter, the battery PSC makes Sigenstor a hybrid inverter equivalent for ease of understanding.

4. Battery Pack: Explained deeper in ‘Game Changing Options’ below. The DC-coupled battery pack forms seamlessly beneath the optional EV DC charger in variable increments of 5 or 8 kWh modules for the ideal storage capacity.

5. EMS (Energy Management System): The onboard Energy Management System assists optimal energy utilisation among all associated peripherals. Embedded within the EMS is a proprietary Sigenergy algorithm that improves efficiency by reducing self-generated losses.

Sigenergy SIGENSTOR render with with five in one key features listed: Solar Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, EMS

Image: Five-in-one features within SIgenstor by Sigenergy.

Defining features

Marketers use the word ‘game-changing’ too liberally when promoting products. So, we’ve spotlighted the elements of Sigenstor that are genuinely game-changing in 2024, and you be the judge. Effectively, these options are very different from what we’ve observed by alternative product manufacturers.

SigenStor EV DC charger

EV DC Charger: It’s been on the wish list for many since the turn of the decade, and Sigenergy have produced the first real solution. However, what users have wanted from an EV charging solution is bidirectional charging capabilities (V2X). Even though bidirectional charging compatibility exists, functionality depends on approval from 1) a compatible car and 2) DNSP (Distributed Network Service Provider – your power company). Nevertheless, knowing your future technology requirement is available today is peace of mind.

The SigenStor EV DC charger compliments Sigenergy’s comprehensive digital energy ecosystem, eliminating connectivity issues often associated with traditionally more disconnected EV chargers. 

Datasheet ›

Sigenstor battery module spotlighted within a battery stack

Sigen Battery: 5 or 8 kWh module. Mix and match to compile your ideal energy storage system. Should additional energy storage be necessary, the beauty of SigenStor compared to alternative DC-coupled solutions is that there is no need to match the stack’s State of Charge. Add the preferred size module (an approved installer is required). All battery modules are identical in dimensions for a proportionate finish. Expectedly, larger capacity batteries weigh more. 5 kWh: 55 kg, 8 kWh: 70 kG

Datasheet ›

Sigen Shield, the battery safety layers

Contoling communicative harmony among integral components, the following five layers built within SigenStor batteries meet high lithium phosphorus (LFP) battery chemistry safety standards. Sigenergy describes this as Sigen Shield.

  1. The inner walls of the battery module are protected with a high-temperature insulated padding, which improves internal temperature regulation.
  2. In the worst-case scenario, SigenStor can neutralise flammable gas and reduce the cell’s thermal runaway by 4 seconds with an internal fire extinguisher.
  3. Aerogel insulated pads prevent heat spread between battery cells, complementing internal temperature regulation.
  4. A decompression valve can release potentially dangerous internal pressures if internal pressure increases to certain levels.
  5. Seven temperature sensors consistently monitor Sigenstor for optimal critical internal components’ operating temperatures.

Sigen Shield provides advanced five-layer battery cell protection.

With the world rapidly adopting lithium storage, it’s only natural to spotlight safety as a critical selection criteria. However, more to the Sigenergy story is the overall design that identifies safety as a fundamental operating parameter instead of a secondary consideration. Digital energy requires maximum safety considerations beyond legislation requirements for rapid uptake.

A more secure warranty

Many [DC-Coupled] battery warranties can become complicated when considering the alternative related components that could affect clarity. The inverter. Did the inverter function as anticipated by the battery specifications? Installation. Have the installation specifications and associated intermediate components (cable, connectors, installation location) met the manufacturer’s installation requirements?

Sigenergy Sigenstor mitigates the effect of less-than-desirable warranty outcomes through its all-in-one energy ecosystem, lessening third-party impacts. Further improving warranty security, PSW Energy (and Perth Solar Warehouse) is a proven Sigenergy SigenStor installer for the greater Perth, Western Australia region. 

Given that the Sigenergy product suite has more than one or two components, it’s essential to be aware of the warranties associated with each component, as they vary. These warranties align with industry-standard periods for major and non-major items for relative peace of mind. At the time of compilation, the following guarantee periods accompany Sigenergy products for Australia: 

Table: General indication of Sigenergy warranty periods at the post date, to be interpreted alongside the warranty document.

Covered Product Warranty Period
Sigen Battery
10 years
Sigen Energy Controller
10 years
Sigen Energy Gateway
2 years
Sigen Power Sensor
2 years
Sigen Communication Module
2 years

PSW Energy offers a 10-year workmanship guarantee on Sigenergy Sigenstor retrofit installations. +5 years when installed alongside a solar generation source (solar panels).

Final Review: Is SigenStor ideal for you?

If you cannot maintain a stable internet connection or are out of range of 4G cellular connectivity, we advise against switching to digital sustainable energy overall. More digitally integrated systems’ enhanced user experience features depend on stable internet connectivity. The most basic internet guidance is as follows: 1) during commissioning and 2) once a month for warranty assurance and essential firmware updates. If an internet connection to SigenStor is not restored at least monthly, SigenStor will switch off. 

However, when a stable internet connection is available and you’re looking to jump on the digital generation of sustainable energy. Sigenstor should at least be on your radar when considering a solar and battery solution for superior function for the cost.

Extended research:

Perth’s original Sigenstor partner. We’re excited. Acknowledgment ›

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Brief: Who is Sigenergy

Sigenergy’s story is undoubtedly a lot shorter than most. Founded in 2022 with over 500 staff globally, Sigenergy’s depth of experience is resounding. In a short period, the organisation has attracted some of the most innovative minds to pioneer and showcase a new industry-leading sustainable energy era. Potentially most poignant is the company’s founder, Tony Xu, a recognised high-distinction figure in corporate business and innovative technologies.

Tony Xu - Sigenergy Founder and CEO

Tony Xu – Sigenergy CEO and Founder. Ex-Huawei [23 years]. President: FusionSolar, Ascend AI computing. Experience: Developed Huawei’s inverter business to become a world-leading solar inverter brand, then developed the organisation’s AI business to become number one in China.

As a leading sustainable energy knowledge resource and installer based in Perth with a reputation to uphold, we don’t adopt new technologies lightly. Sigenergy has the investment, facilities, experience, specifications and global case studies to ensure a successful new digital sustainable energy era. We’re invested as much as you are. 

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