W Zhang
I had spent about a week to do my homework before I decided PSW to install our solar panels. We had installed a 1.5kw solar system 8 years ago, luckily it lasted that long, but if not, I wouldn't have any idea where to chase for the warranty, as that company has disappeared. That's why it is important to choose a big and reputable company in the first place. That's what I thought. I have had several quotes, important to read the reviews from other people, that's why I had chosen PSW. Tony from the sales department is very friendly and efficient, he gives me a very honest quote via email, not bother me until I called him, best price from the beginning. He then came to my home talked to me, and we made the deal. Same time he talked to Penny-Lee, she said next week someone else has canceled the installation appointment, so we were lucky to grab that opportunity. From our first conversation to finish, only 10 days! No hidden fees, they even removed my old panels for free! I have been told that the installation team will come between 8:30 to 9:00. On the day, their team arrived exactly on time at 8:30 am, Richard, Blake, and Dawson, three energetic young men, worked very hard, take their time to do an excellent job. Even not taking their lunch break! They finished at about 4 pm, tidy up everywhere, a perfect job. The team leader Richard suggested me to move the inverter to my carport to provide the shade. The previous one was next to the meter box, under the sun, the colour already badly faded. That meant extra work for the team, if he didn't say it, I wouldn't know it. That gesture shown they care about their customers. I am very impressed with the whole process, all the team members have done a great job.