We are in our 70's and decided that we'd like to do something for the planet before we died. Not being able to afford an EV and requiring energy to run our reticulation on our property decided to go Solar. Living out of town on a 30 acre block we found it hard to find an installer who would come to us, even money didn't seem to attract all those Perth businesses which we contacted via the net until out of desperation I ran a Google question and it came up with PSW Energy and I gave them a call. Russell was the man who took charge of our request and he came up with what we needed. We just paid a deposit and a firm date was set for our installation and on the day at 7am the team arrived and woke me up, I mean no businesses today ever seem to be on time. This installation team got to work and after five hours there was our system installed on our roof with the inverter inside, they were a very good team leaving no rubbish for me to clean up. Ask me any time who to use for Solar and I'll tell you, PSW.