I did my research and it paid off. Before I give any company my money for anything I research the topic and multiple companies very thoroughly and PSW came out on top. I was originally going to go with the Trina panels and was offered a free upgrade from a 5kw system to a 6.5kw system but after an accident at the suppliers, the last panels available for my installation date were damaged. I was promptly contacted and offered a change of date or a free upgrade to Qcells Qpeak panels, obviously, I went with the latter. On installation day the three boys showed up nice and early, the original plan of where the panels would go wasn't going to work due to the size of them, this was quick re-thought out and with my go-ahead they where on their way, they where quiet, quick, tidied up all their mess, and incredibly polite. Everything was explained to me very clearly, had a rundown on how to use the inverter (5kw Fronius) and was told any issues they'd be straight back out here. It was estimated on a sunny clear day the system would produce around 30 units of energy a day. I wanted to leave the reviewing for a bit because I thought I must have had a freak day the first day, but after two weeks it turns out it's consistently pushing out a HUGE average of 41.5 UNITS A DAY!!!!!!! I'm actually excited to see my first bill! The follow-up emails have been just as good as the pre-sales emails, I know if I have any issues they'll be dealt with immediately without cost to me. If I ever get a battery installed I'll never consider using another company and highly recommend PSW to anybody considering solar. Can't thank you all enough, bring on the sunshine ­čî×