I write this review to assist persons searching for advice on good PV panels and, especially, good installers. I made enquiries with Perth Solar Warehouse (PSW) back in May this year, via e-mail. I received a quick response and was never pressured for a telephone number. My questions were answered and I was not hounded to sign-up for anything. I procrastinated (much to the disappointment of my wife) over installing solar panels and took my time researching and contacting other companies. I was not in a hurry - until the cost of electricity increased. That gave me the hurry-up. I have a particular liking for German-made products; likewise Japanese products. Those two countries either make something that is quality or they do not make it at all. Whilst I appreciate that the Chinese can, and do, make quality products, they also make inferior products, all controlled by how much Western businesses want to pay. As Forrest Gump said ‘it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get’. During my enquiries in which I stipulated that I wanted German panels, I was informed by some businesses that the Germans do not make solar panels anymore. To put it bluntly, I was fed some baloney to make me accept the panels from Malaysia, China, or South Korea. One company was pushing Canadian solar panels. One installer has a clause in the contract: (Clause 4.9) (A) “…in relation to the installation of a Solar Power System, damage to garden beds, tile breakage, roof dents and masonry damage; … and will not be liable for any loss incurred by the Buyer in connection with such damage or noise. Just what I didn’t need to read. Another company kept pushing for a telephone number. Writing e-mails was all too hard for the salesman. So, back to PSW, I went with more questions. Again, they were all answered with absolutely no pressure. Tony attended at my house and sat down and explained everything we needed to know. I chose SolarWatt panels and a Fronius inverter. Perth Solar warehouse has their own installers, not contractors, and they (installers) are a very caring and likable team. They did a neat job and it was all done in one day. Q: Am I happy? A: Yes! Q: Would I recommend them (PSW). A: For sure! Do your research, but do not rush. You get what you pay for.