Ian Brownlie
Speaking as someone that has just had my third solar installation since 2007, the first two were by National companies. I cannot speak highly enough about PSW as a local Perth company from the salesman to the CEO. If you are serious about getting a quality product for the very best price (not the cheapest), as PSW (unlike many others) include a quality installation which they guarantee the workmanship for 10 years (most are seldom more than five). Aftersales is seldom discussed when customers think Solar, however, there aren't many companies that actually have there own service department. PSW don't subcontract, they are all company employed. This means you aren't dealing with anyone except PSW for the life of your system. If you also include Solar analytics to monitor your own system (highly recommended as it gives more data than most and can detect performance issues), PSW also keep tabs on it so that your installation performs at it's very best. They really care about you as a customer, and they don't charge the customer monitoring fees as some other companies do. They only supply components that they know are reliable and respected in the industry, so you have trouble free solar power. PSW had everything installed in just over a month from the day I decided to use their services. This included Synergy and Western power approval and even completed the warranties after the installation so you the customer don't have to worry about it. This was all done without fuss or delays which I have experienced on other occasions. The install took two full days due to weather and size of the installation, and it was operational the afternoon of the second day. It is an east-west installation and currently generates power from 5.35 am till 6.40 pm. There are many shonky companies selling and installing Solar that may, or may not be around in years to come (I am presently in legal action against one of them). I am glad that PSW is one of the few companies that give the Solar industry credit. So when you have done all your research, got your best quotes from all the other Solar companies including National ones, give PSW a call and see what they can do for you. I make special mention of the following: Derek McKercher, Penny-Lee Griffiths, Jesse Brown, Rheice Shaw, Richard Oliver, Blake Pellington, Blake Collins, Alec Squire and Lisa James. I have no association with PSW, and I have no ties to the solar industry, but if anyone would like further information, or discuss anything in this review, I give PSW permission to release my contact details on a case by case basis.