Update: Since PSW installed my system October 2018 including Solar analytics monitoring, the system has been faultless and always performing above the normal expected for that size system. What I want to share is why it is so very important to have a live monitoring system. When the element in my electric storage water heater started to fail I could actually visually see in real time the excess power drain. Just recently we received power bill nearly double our normal. We had a A/C zone motor burn out due to outages over xmas, they replaced zone motor only to find controller was also failing, and locked up three days later. This meant all zones except one were locked open. We didn't worry too much and were going to use it until insurance came through. However after receiving latest bill, with the monitoring program it told me the moment I turned on the AC it drew 5kw continuous drain. These numbers are updated every few seconds so it can tell you which appliances are faulty, or just how much power they use. So now we swelter.. I would probably say that it is the key part of the whole system overall. *I have no affiliation and am not employed by PSW, also I have received no payment or remuneration for any of my reviews.*