Is a Tesla Home Battery Worth it? Lifespan, Cost, Warranty & more.

Deciding whether a Tesla home battery (current model Powerwall 2) is worth the investment has an answer often as individual as one’s self. There are, however, some very unique, value-based characteristics which put the Tesla home battery system ahead of the pack and further justify the overall worth.


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A must view when considering a Tesla Home Battery for installation in Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury region, Western Australia.

Potentially the most well thought out battery design currently available, Powerwall presents in one 13.5 kWh model with the ability to be multiplied based on storage requirements. With a set storage capacity, unlike alternative modular solar batteries,  Powerwall has the potential to exclude selected customers with minimal storage requirements.

Undoubtedly, everybody’s energy consumption habits are different. However, there are selected energy usage similarities many will relate to. Consider 6.6kW the most common residential solar energy system size in Australia for energy production;

  • 6.6kW solar array capacity generates an annual average of 30 kWh (units) per day.
  • Powerwall stores 13.5 kWh (units) – almost half.
  • Based on the duck curve data, almost half an average homes energy is consumed afternoon/evening/night.
  • Powerwall is perfectly sized to accommodate such energy demand in the absence of sunlight.

From the above, it’s easy to see that anything less than 13.5 kWh energy storage capacity would be quite underwhelming, especially if one has the desire for a level blackout protection, a feature fast becoming the new expectation.

Solar Panels Perth by PSW Energy & Tesla Powerwall Lifestyle
Latest technology.

To complete the Tesla Home Battery system integration with any home, two essential components are required. AC-Coupled Tesla home battery and the Tesla Gateway.

Tesla Powerwall 2. AC-coupled by nature, the Tesla Powerwall 2 is compatible with almost all existing solar energy system. Keeping it simple, integrated within the Powerwall are the lithium chemistry Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) battery cells, advanced liquid cooling system for diverse operating conditions and a 5 kW single-phase battery inverter. The true potential of the Tesla Powerwall 2 though is unlocked via an unsung hero, the Tesla Gateway 2.

Tesla Gateway 2. This is where the magic of what you expect from Powerwall occurs. Beyond energy storage, end-user expectation suggests that the lights should stay on when the power goes out. Gateway does this.

Perhaps you would like to charge Powerwall at night when a low off-peak tariff is available and have Powerwall fully charges for the morning’s activity. Gateway facilitates this. 

Need to monitor and manage consumption habits to further aid energy-saving opportunities? Gateway alongside the Tesla App monitors solar production, grid supply and energy storage for an all-in-one energy management suite.



Tesla Powerwall 2
  • 13.5 kWh storage capacity.
  • 13.5 kWh useable.
  • AC coupled.
  • Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC).
  • Inbuilt battery inverter.
  • Liquid cooling system.
  • IP 67.
  • 1150 (H) x 753 (W) x 147 (D) mm.
  • 114 kg.
  • < 40 dB(A) noise emission.
Tesla Powerwall-2 Gateway by PSW


Tesla Gateway 2
  • 240V/ 200A energy control.
  • Solar self consumption control.
  • Essential circuit or whole home backup.
  • Automatic disconect/ changeover.
  • Supports up to 10 x Powerwall 2's.
  • WiFi/ ethernet connectivity.
  • Indoor & outdoor rated.
  • 660 (H) x 411 (W) x 149 (D) mm.
  • 20.4 kg.
  • Tesla App monitoring software.

When combined, Powerwall 2, Gateway 2 and Tesla App produce arguably one of the most well-engineered energy management products at every level when considering all aspects of hardware, firmware, software. Without a doubt, the latest technology within the Tesla Home Battery system is now the benchmark all strive to be.


Majority of users will fall into the first row; Solar self-consumption/ backup only. As of such, the Tesla Home Battery system provides an outstanding 10-years, unlimited cycle warranty with no less than 70% or (9.45 kWh) storage capacity available at year 10.

Application Energy Retention1 Operating Limitation
Solar self-consumption/ backup only2
70% at 10 years following initial installation date
Unlimited cycles
Any other application or combination of applications
70% at 10 years following initial installation date
37 MWh of aggregate throughput3
1 Expressed as a % of 13.5 kWh rated capacity.
2 Storing solar energy generated by an onsite array, and using that stored solar energy (i) for daily self-consumption and/or (ii) for use as backup power.
3 Measured at the battery AC output.

With what we’ve seen in the past, Tesla is one of the most proactive companies on continuous improvements with operating firmware in both vehicles and home battery systems to extend battery/ operational life. 


Warranty is 10-years, however, a correctly installed Tesla Home Battery system, considering all influencing environmental factors should remain operational well beyond the nominated warranty period. Lifespan within any battery system is often associated directly with local environmental factors.

Selecting a specialist Tesla Home Battery system installer such a PSW Energy can consider and even mitigate the effects of local environmental factors which have proven to reduce system life over time.

Consider two certified Telsa Home battery system installation businesses, one with frequent product knowledge, one with less frequent.


PSW Energy.
  • Frequent best practice product handeling and implementation.
  • Installation considering all detrimental local environment factors.
  • Frequent and variable site performance analysis.
  • Installed to Tesla certified installation guidelines.
  • Tesla warranty intact and greater lifespan.


Basic Certified Installer
  • Less frequent product association can lead unfamiliarity.
  • Installation considering text book environmental degrading factors.
  • Minimal comparisons to assist greater performance.
  • Installed to Tesla certified installation guidelines
  • Tesla warranty intact.

IMPORTANT: If your Tesla Home Battery system is not handled or installed to Tesla guidelines, your Tesla warranty is rendered void and the system lifespan may be severely reduced. Use a dedicated and certified Tesla installation specialist.


As a product with variable installation types, the cost of an installed Tesla Home battery system will vary. Supply and installation of Powerwall 2, including Gateway 2 starts from $13,990 and often ranges between $14,990 (without subsidies applied) depending on the installation requirements or difficulty.

Solar battery costs amongst industry professionals become more appropriately priced on a cost per kWh as opposed to per battery. Such a gauge creates a more reflective price for energy storage capacity. In this instance, the Tesla Powerwall 2 costs between $1036 – $1110 p/kWh installed.

To put the above into perspective, a seemingly cheap alternative brand 6 kWh battery which may cost $6000 is almost identical in cost to a Tesla home battery system on a cost p/kWh basis with what is most likely to posses a lot fewer features.

Variables will inevitably exist between installation. Powerwall 2 costs will often be less if end-users already have an existing gateway in place or purchased as part of a package. Log in for PSW rewards and gain access to some of the most competitive Tesla Home Battery system prices available with the security of purchasing through a Tesla Certified Installer.

PSW Energy is a certified Powerwall reseller and installer within the Perth, Mandurah and Bunbury region, Western Australia.


Possessing an incredibly knowledgable and responsive support team for their products, Tesla has one of the best customer support programs available. PSW Energy, as with all products, offers an additional layer of localised support exclusive to PSW customers referred to as PSW Life Support.

Should an error occur which is not product related, but could be affecting the successful operation of the Tesla Home Battery system, local support which understands the battery system and the homes unique energy supply is where PSW Life Support excels.

Beyond initial training requirements, elements within products change over time, improvements in software occur, and the Tesla Home Battery system evolves. Ensure only knowledgable certified Tesla installers who undergo frequent product training to deliver the longterm value and support from the Tesla Home Battery system. 

PSW Energy employs in-house electrical staff for precision implementation and the swift ongoing support of all Tesla products which you deserve.

Tesla powerwall backup power

Not every business can attain Tesla Certified installer status. Beyond installation quality inspections and an in-depth training process, Tesla researches the stability, longevity and after-sales care ability of all Tesla Certified installers to represent their products so customers can rest assured their Tesla Home Battery system performs beyond expectation.

Tesla Australia state on their website – “We have partnered with Certified Installers who are trained to install Powerwall and adhere to strict quality, permitting and inspection requirements.”


To determine home battery viability, many customers revert to simple return on investment calculations. A wise process if the battery provides only energy offset when the suns power is unavailable. However, the Tesla home battery system is more than an energy offset device with unlimited warranted cycles to factor into any calculation.

To determine overall worth, consider the following;

  • Self-Powered Home; Use solar and Powerwall to reduce reliance on the grid and run your home off solar day and night
  • Back-up Power; Protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable back-up power. Enjoy comfort when the WiFi, TV, Fridge, Lights and power stay on.
  • Energy Savings; Reduce your electricity bill, if your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan.
  • Home Energy Control; Manage and control your home energy use in real-time with the Tesla mobile app.

When configured precisely, Powerwall is an entire home energy management solution built to keep your modern life moving.  

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