System Operation Explainer

Now that you have this new energy-generation system installed, what next? Well, the great news is that it is designed to be almost self-driving. The essential information though is below:
  1. System shutdown.
  2. Reading your inverter.
  3. Maintaining your solar panels.
  4. Connecting online.
  5. Warranty.
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1. Shutdown.

If for any reason you need to switch your system off, you’ll find ‘Shutdown Procedure’ instructions at the inverter location. If this becomes separated from its location at any point in the future, the steps are straightforward:

  • Turn off the ‘SOLAR SUPPLY MAIN SWITCH’ located in the switchboard.
  • Turn off the ‘DC PV ARRAY ISOLATOR’ located at or as part of the inverter.
  • Restarting the system is just the reverse of steps 1 & 2.

Easy right? The great news is that you should rarely ever need to shut down your solar energy system. It’s important though that I inform you ‘how to’ on the off chance that you may need to change the systems operational state manually.

You’ll also see that the tech team has installed some big bright stickers in and around your switchboard. These are just notifications for related service personnel which may work on your property in the future.

2. Reading your inverter.

Just in case you were unable to receive a run-through from the installation team on completion, you have been sent a digital copy of the inverter operation manual.

3. Maintaining your solar panels.

The great news is that maintenance is minimal. However, the frequency of cleaning and inspection is often dependent on the level of dirt and dust in your local environment. As a general rule of thumb, PSW Life Support recommends having the system inspected by a professional every 2 – 5 years.

4. Connect online.

If opting for the monitoring feature, by now you should have received the system monitoring log-in details. If not, they hopefully won’t be too far away. Upon receipt you will have a brief setup requirement relative to your system as indicated here;

From time to time your modem may refresh and the WiFi connection we established during installation may drop out. This is not covered under warranty therefore it’s important you are aware of how to reconnect your inverter to your WiFi. Here’s a handy link

5. Warranty.

You’ll receive a separate warranty specific email with all your warranty information in one handy place. This ensures you can always find the relative documents with ease as there are few.

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Margie Sabile
Margie Sabile
5 out of 5 stars
a month ago
Alec and Dawson did an amazing job installing my panels. Alec knows his job well and informed me about how my system works. He was such an excellent technician and has a heart in doing a perfect job. Dawson was so patient during installation as he install panels during 38 degree weather. Though he accidentally broke a tile he admitted and rectify it immediately. I’m happy with the service and would commend this company.