Sungrow Inverter Wifi Reconnect Guide.

Is your Sungrow inverter no longer producing data? Let’s get that back for you with the PSW Energy Sungrow Inverter WiFi Reconnect guide. The great news is that this is often only ever a minor issue. Chances are the solar energy system is still producing power,  you simply can’t see this information being logged anymore through the Sungrow iSolarCloud.

Sungrow inverter WiFi reconnect guide.

The following Sungrow inverter WiFi reconnect guide is applicable for all Sungrow WiFi enabled inverters which include the Sungrow SG#K-D, Sungrow SG#KTL-M and SG#K-20 Hybrid models.

Likely causes.

Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Was there a blackout or a power outage recently?
  • Has the modem been switched off for any reason recently?
  • Have you recently changed to the NBN?
  • Has the modem been changed or upgraded? 
  • Has the solar system been switched off recently?
  • Has an electrician been working on the property? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then there is a high chance your Sungrow inverter has disconnected from your WiFi network. In a nutshell, your inverter is now trying to communicate through an IP address which is no longer available from your modem.

It’s important you know the steps to reconnect any WiFi based device as IP addresses will continue to change over the systems lifetime. Here is how to get your Sungrow inverter WiFi reconnected. 

IMPORTANT: If your inverter has disconnected from your WiFi network, this will not affect your solar energy systems ability to produce energy. It will only prohibit  the communication to the Sungrow iSolarCloud server which allows you the view your solar production information.

Requirements before initiating sequence.
  1. Physical access to your Sungrow inverter.
  2. A WiFi-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Patience, the average reconnection time is 10mins.
  4. PSW Tip: Tea, Coffee or a refreshing beverage of your choice. You’re welcome in advance 😉
Step 1: Connect device WiFi.

Firstly, go to your smartphone or tablet and open up the Settings

Locate the WIFI SETTINGS  options. 

Once located, select the inverter WiFi network named “SG-******”

Step 2: Login and configure.

After your smartphone or tablet has successfully connected to the inverter WFi network, open the Sungrow iSolarCloud APP.

Login to your iSolarCloud account. 

PSW Customers: Your username is your email address and your password is “psw1111”.

Once logged in, select the MORE  tab in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. 

Then select the WLAN CONFIGURATION tab. 

Information will pop up notifying you’ve successfully connected to the inverter, select NEXT.

Step 3: Network setup.

The next step is to connect your inverter to your home WLAN network, select your WIFI NETWORK from the list and enter your password. 

The symbol “” indicates a successful connection, click NEXT. 

Information indicating a successful connection to the home network will pop up. Your inverter is reconnected.

By the end of this process, you’re probably thinking why isn’t there just a simple WPS button like many other WiFi enabled appliances? We hear you! Unfortunately, many mainstream inverter manufacturers haven’t adopted such modern conveniences yet. 

Take your Sungrow to the next-level.

The Sungrow inverter monitoring platform is good, but why not experience next-level solar monitoring insight or the ultimate in 360o energy savings? 

Forget WiFi dropouts altogether with the comprehensive Solar Analytics 4G cellular energy monitoring solution.

Or tired of only receiving energy savings during the day? Add the remarkable Tesla Powerwall 2, solar energy storage with backup power supply, compatible with your Sungrow inverter. 

PSW Energy tech support provides this content for PSW Life Support customers, although this being the internet, this support page is open to other Sungrow inverter users and discussion. PSW Energy customers seeking further assistance can access personalised support here.

In the spirit of building greater knowledge, PSW support staff will endeavour to assist the questions posted below. However, PSW Energy customers will be prioritised in the event of an assistance requirement. 

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25 thoughts on “Sungrow Inverter Wifi Reconnect Guide.

    I have done all of that and it says it is all correct but when I click next it says S/N occupied. What does that mean?

      I have dones this as well and getting the same eroor, do you know how to fix it?

    My inverter is connected to my WiFi but the app says offline. How can I see my data

    My app won’t even log in, just says “loading failed please check network”. There is nothing wrong with the network, everything else is working.

      Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app from your smart device Colleen? Sometimes this can work if all other network connections are good.

    I tried all of these, and it still says, ‘this S/N has been occupied. Please check the S/N’. What is this S/N?
    I deleted the app and reinstalled it, also tried installing it on another device, but none of these works.

      S/N = Serial Number.

    I’m getting the same error message when trying to set up a new system. I understand S/N means serial number but how do I fix the problem?

    The app is not recognising me reconnecting my internet. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?

      Hey there
      Where do we locate our sun grow internet password for our solar? It’s been connected with our adsl for over a year now but we just upgraded to nbn and I’m just having trouble locating the password SG#####?

      Thank you

    I connect to the inverters wifi and on the app I have login, then on the bottom I have visitor login and local Access. This is a new install and the installers have no idea. I cannot register an account because it wants abn business name then it wants top level distributor or installer number. So I look at local access WLAN and it has a user name and password. I tried the password on the unit to no avail. The app says use the serial number.. so that too no avail. I cannot log in at all and.. to top it off. the WIFI is worse than the smart meter. How do I even connect to this let alone dampen down the wifi signal ?

      Also, where it says user, it’s just user. There are no instructions for anything else to put in that box other than the user. Also, the unit on off-grid is stuck in a reboot cycle. It just crashes, reboots, crashes, reboots crashes reboots. The things it has screwed up in my home is adding up.

        I believe its your e-mail address.

        Good luck My problem is finding the password

    how do I get the weather to show on app

    I have the same S/N error. My installer set up the account and put the “plant” in it and an email came to me with a temp password. I did not see this. I did download the app and set up an account and chose a password of my own. I tried to put the “plant” in it but got an error message. So….now I have an account in the same user name as the one my installer (good man) set up which opens with my password not his and has no “plant in it”. Does anyone have a similar sequence? I will work out the solution and share it.

    Hi mate,

    I accidentally changed my wifi password and can’t log in after getting NBN. The password on the side of the inverter no longer works.

    Is there any way around this?


      Yeah I am having this as well!

    I have the similar issue too, is the inverter SN and the Dongle SN be the same??
    My wifi is allowing me to log into to a different SG### wifi with a completely different SN, any help???

      having same problem just switched to nbn can not connect to inverter with old password that was never changed I am at a loss the wifi will pick up the inverter put in password can not connect wrong password

    Seems to be a lot of password problems ? this needs to be overcome ASAP.

    I would suggest that the email address is ok for the user. Passwords ??
    How do I get a new one once I have exhausted all i have ?

    Same problems connecting to the says connected then says your internet connection is abnormal please check network 3 days of deleting the app and redoing with the same results

    Connected via Ethernet to modem , had 3 lights up after initial plug in , electrical contractor had to turn power off , now only the 2 left lights are on and we can’t connect, any ideas

    My inverter is connected to my WiFi but the app says offline. Because i change my internet provider now asking me the password of SGXXXX. How can Iretrive the password.
    Please help.

    the app find all my neighbours wifi but mine ! there is nothing wrong with the wifi at home

    My error message is “Failed to set password. Please try again”. It says that after about a minute of the coms light flashing. I removed the wifi dongle and then re-installed it but that made no difference. The signal is four out of fivebars for the home wifo so it’s not a signal issue – it simply won’t accept the password. I suspect the issue is the new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 which insists on WiFi security like WSK or better which I don’t think the Sungrow dongle can be configured to provide. Also, how can I find out the MAC address of the dongle? I thought if I gave it a fixed IP address that might help.

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