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STOPS Bills.

Now everyone can afford solar. PSW Energy’s Solar Transfer Of Payments Solution (S.T.O.P.S) gives you the ability to enjoy bill relief without spending thousands upfront.

Affordable German-made solar from $21 per week and $0 upfront.

Solar Transfer of
Payments Solution.

Solar energy, the reliable power supply free from the sun. The best news, Western Australia is one of the sunniest places on earth to take advantage of this phenomenal resource.

Transfer the amount you spend on electricity each month into owning an asset for your home which will deliver financial benefits for life.

Of the amount you’ve spent in electrcity in the last 60-months, how much of that money continues to work to your advantage?

Payments made fortnightly are in most cases less than the amount you spend on electricity, facilitating a cash-flow positive scenario.

Solution exclusive to PSW Energy with the industry’s greatest energy saving technology available at your fingertips. If you can afford your bill, you can afford solar.

Reward yourself. It makes more than sense, it makes dollars.

SolarWorld German Made 3kW Solar Energy System
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Energy savings now!


Access the exceptional range of PSW Energy German-made solar systems from only $21 per week with no up-front costs. Put simply, keep your money in your house instead of paying Synergy.


The approval process is simple and takes only 5-minutes. The sooner you see if you qualify, the sooner you’ll start benefitting.


Systems built
for greater
energy savings