SolarWorld surges as one of the strongest financially backed solar panel manufacturers in the world.

Dispell any negativity you read or hear. Here is the fact of the matter. The low-end sellers of the market have recently had a field day where uncertainty only lasted a few months. Understand that when a product such as SolarWorld has industry-acclaimed proprietary assets, is the world’s longest-serving producer of solar panels (over 40-years),  has plant and equipment of enormous value in a competitive global market, the question of IF was never a debate. Uneducated fear campaigners will have you believe otherwise. The real question was when and who?

Letter from the board below:

Bonn, 21/08/2017

SolarWorld Industries is new – SolarWorld quality remains!

Dear customers and partners of SolarWorld,

With a feat of strength, we have secured the preservation of Europeʼs most modern production facilities for solar products. With the acquisition by SolarWorld Industries GmbH, technology and expertise will remain in Germany. The new SolarWorld will focus exclusively on the production of highly efficient mono-PERC cells and modules, as well as on particularly high-quality bifacial glass-glass modules.

In recent weeks we have received a great deal of encouragement to undertake the relaunch of SolarWorld. It is clear to us that a great deal has been demanded of you as a customer over the past few months. We were, therefore, all the more pleased that we have already received many orders upon the relaunch.

Somewhat more than 500 of SolarWorldʼs specialists embarked on the journey with SolarWorld Industries GmbH last week, and more than 10 percent of employees will work in research. This also ensures future development and the implementation of innovations in ever-better products.

As usual, all our products are distinguished by their especially high durability and quality. High-quality materials and production in the worldʼs most automated solar industry production facility are the basis upon which we will continue to offer you the usual guarantees.

Please accept our offer to continue our faithful partnership and support our relaunch. Together we are proving that solar technology “Made in Germany” is the quality promise in Germany and Europe!

Yours sincerely,


Martin-Luther-King-Straße 24


SolarWorld Industries has since emerged as one of the solar industries most financially sound solar panel manufacturers with strong investment, a revitalised operation process and one of the most automated production facilities in the world reducing the dependency on excess labour hire. An exceptional investment for anyone considering a German-made solar panel.

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