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Providing products is one thing. Supplying an installed product with a distinguished service which works in tandem with the manufacturer’s integrity and specifications at the forefront is another. The product is remarkable, but what assurance do you have with the supplier?

SolarWorld, Germany’s largest solar-panel manufacturer, certifies trusted partners across the world. Suppliers of whom uphold the integrity of the solar panel for the designed purpose and beyond. Selecting a SolarWorld certified partner is defined assurance of these qualities far beyond regional accreditations and general industry-based minimum certifications. SolarWorld standards are far beyond industry base requirements, in the same respect so should be your installers. in the simplest terms possible, installation dictates performance.

SolarWorld Certified Partner Perth Solar Warehouse

Perth Solar Warehouse is Perth’s largest and most trusted certified partner of SolarWorld solar panels. Defining an excellent service, great advice, and a certified installation by Germany’s largest manufacturer and one of the world’s most trusted solar names. An effort of tirelessly working to ensure a final product designed to surpass expectation, without failure. Through such a close partnership, a winning result of proven power performance is guaranteed.

When it comes to delivering an exceptional service, with industry leading products, you should look no further than a SolarWorld Certified Partner. SolarWorld Certified Partners, such as Perth Solar Warehouse, are extensively trained in the specifications and installations of SolarWorld products which are invaluable to customers searching for a fast, expert installation. SolarWorld offers partnerships to select companies across the world to ensure clients enjoy an incredible solar experience, and in the long term, the end-user can be assured that the home solar energy systems are in great hands.

Above & Beyond

SolarWorld provides exclusive direct training with the Perth Solar Warehouse installation technicians to guarantee accurate and precise implementation, ensuring the long-term advantages of such a remarkable product. The result, if you purchase a solar energy system from Perth Solar Warehouse, your investment is guaranteed above and beyond all others.

SolarWorld Solar Panel Installer Perth Solar Warehouse

One of the world’s greatest ever solar panel manufacturers, SolarWorld are highly respected for a good reason. All SolarWorld solar panels are categorised as exceptional, awarded quality on a global scale, a result far greater than the category of bankability term “Tier 1”, which doesn’t resemble product quality.

Utilising a SolarWorld Certified Partner you’re guaranteed:

  • Certifications and qualifications above the minimum industry pass mark.
  • Continual professional training and development for all personal, directly about SolarWorld innovation, technology, products and best practice for optimal performance.
  • An intimate understanding of SolarWorld’s products and their ability to maximise the harsh Australian conditions to their advantage.

Certified and Greater Qualified.

As Perth’s renowned SolarWorld Certified Partner, Perth Solar Warehouse strives to exceed the industry benchmark in all aspects of the installation. Maintaining the SolarWorld Certified Partner Program at the pinnacle of certifications, in conjunction with required installer accreditations and industry energy licences. A result which helps Perth Solar Warehouse technicians develop an intimate understanding of the advanced technology provided to our customers. The result, a provision of the best solar energy systems available with the added assurance of correct implementation.

All Perth Solar Warehouse technicians pride themselves as highly trained experts, devoted to providing you with the best solar energy solution for your home. Thanks to certifications like the SolarWorld Certified Partner program and additional industry qualifications, you can have confidence that your solar energy system is in good hands.

Continual Training.

SolarWorld, Germany’s largest solar-panel manufacturer, offers latest and greatest in photovoltaic technology. That of which whose solar panels are amongst the most advanced on a global scale. As products evolve, and due to a privileged relationship, Perth Solar Warehouse develops an immediate understanding of the newest technologies by SolarWorld. A solution trusted to benefit your home solar energy needs by the very best in your local area.

SolarWorld Certified Installer Perth Solar Warehouse

Each solar installation is different, a scenario which deserves a wealth of local and global knowledge. Experienced minds come together through one renowned local company on the ground, a remarkable combination in one the most competitive markets in Australia. Perth Solar Warehouse is trusted to deliver the perfect sustainable energy solution for many Perth homeowners meeting both desire and budget. One can be sure these are Perth’s most proven solar power systems built to perform beyond expectation.

Secure Your Investment With A SolarWorld Certified Partner.

If a high yielding and lasting investment are what you require for your home, then you can be sure that Perth Solar Warehouse, Perth’s most trusted SolarWorld Certified Partner, can deliver on all fronts, as certified by SolarWorld. Remarkably environmentally conscious, all of SolarWorld’s solar panels are exceptional quality, ideal for surviving the rigours of the Australian climate. Our team highly recommend SolarWorld’s expertly crafted solar panels, due to the proven service life and high-yielding efficiency.

With a manufacturer and installation partner in unison, system owners can have complete confidence that the resulting solar energy system will deliver an excellent return on investment, as well as boost the value of the property. Be assured Perth Solar Warehouse have the expertise to provide the perfect solar energy solution for your home and be there to support the energy system for its lifetime.

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