21 reasons to choose SolarWatt solar modules.

SolarWatt solar modules, proclaimed by many as one of the finest solar panels ever produced for resilience, performance and extreme durability. Made in Germany and built exceedingly robust, are SolarWatt solar modules the right choice for your home in the uncompromising Australian environment?

Potentially the greatest ever solar module.

In a nutshell, the glass-glass construction of SolarWatt solar modules delivers what is described as the most stable environment ever created for a solar cell comprised of two 2mm thick glass panes encasing the cell and electrical circuitry. Engineered for maximum mechanical strength and longevity SolarWatt solar modules are accompanied by the world’s only 30/30 warranty. 30-years performance warranty and the greatest ever 30-year product warranty. The Tier-1 average warranty is 25-year performance and a mere 10-year product warranty (meaning that your performance warranty is worthless if the product fails after 10-years).

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Founded in 1993 and based in Dresden Germany, SolarWatt is regarded as one of the pioneers of the solar industry, with strong partnerships (including BMW). Beginning as a two-person company SolarWatt is now one of Europe’s most modern production and logistics facilities. The essential foundation for the consistently evolving energy engineering, producing advanced solar panel designs and developing future-proof energy storage technologies. Incorporating a fully automated production process every product is built to perfection for countries beyond Germany with a now international presence in Australia, France, Holland, Italy and Spain.

21 reasons to choose Solarwatt solar modules by Perth Solar Warehouse


  1. SolarWatt solar modules are made in Germany, the home of manufacturing excellence in solar.
  2. Greater warranties. Warranties so big they not only double, but triple the industry average.
  3. Increase the value of your property, your most significant investment.
  4. Salt spray resistant, perfect for beachside properties.
  5. Better performance, with superior temperature coefficients. Enjoy consistent performance even as the temperature soars.
  6. Glass-glass technology. The chances of resistance causing cell fractures and hotspot thanks to the most stable environment for a solar cell ever created.
  7. Increased efficiency of microscopic proportions. SolarWatt solar modules incorporate etching on multiple surfaces, in effect creating a larger surface area to increase the amount of sunlight a solar cell can absorb.
  8. Colour co-ordination. With the right solar mounting system, there is a SolarWatt solar module designed to look beautiful on any rooftop.
  9. Precision construction to the finest detail. A fully automated construction process ensures each panel is engineered to perfection.
  10. A lifetime investment built to withstand diverse climates. The Australian sun is severe, many products crumble and crack under pressure.
  11. 100% protection against PID (potential induced degradation). An effect which can cause losses of up to 30 percent. Here’s the explanation on Wikipedia, remember to come back though PID explained >
  12. Ultra-strong tempered solar glass with an anti-reflective finish. Anti-reflective glass is essential in air traffic locations.
  13. A financially strong company. SolarWatt is renowned as a market leader in Germany and Europe as a whole.
  14. Outstanding durability against intense rain, hail, storms and cyclonic conditions.
  15. Maximum yields and excellent yield reliability (total kWh produced) – an investment in your energy future.
  16. Optimal cell protection and build qualities to ensure SolarWatt solar modules still looking and perform as they should in 30-years.
  17. Capture even more sunlight. High-performance PERC solar cell technology now standard.
  18. Timeless construction. Glass does not age, a quality building material designed to last generations with no difficulty safeguarding moisture penetrations.
  19. Robust protection for even the most extreme scenarios. Resistant to hailstones up to a large 45mm, through superior incorporated materials.
  20. SolarWatt has been producing solar panels in Germany spanning three decades.
  21. SolarWatt solar modules have proven to provide consistent performance over decades without fault.

21 reasons why SolarWatt solar modules are selected as a crucial component, in particular, PSW Energy advanced solar power systems. 30-years performance and product warranty speaks for itself with the average Tier-1 solar panel comprising of an underwhelming 10-12 year product warranty. At the time of writing the SolarWatt solar module warranty is the only full 30-year warranty in the world.

If style and aesthetics for any exterior surface is a significant consideration, the SolarWatt black glass-glass module with a German-made Schletter black anodised solar support system is a visually mesmerising combination forming a slick low glare black panel array. A semi-transparent mono-crystalline glass-glass solar panel with anodised black framing, the SolarWatt Style range of solar modules create the most attractive solar arrays visually from any aspect. Bringing together SolarWatt solar modules and your home is an investment not only to offset up to 3x more energy guaranteed than most others but also increase the value of your property.


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