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Get the heart of your solar energy system beating again. As a central device of your solar energy system it’s critical to understand what that box is telling you, especially when it becomes uninterpretable or unresponsive.

We can help

Perth Solar Warehouse technicians are well trained at interpreting inverter fault messages, technical codes, alternative flashing lights, even nothing at all.

The Perth Solar Warehouse support network makes solar inverter repairs easy.

SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL by Perth Solar Warehouse
Fronius Primo 5.0 Single Phase 5kW Inverter Perth Solar Warehouse

Lowest Repaired Prices

Here’s the good news. Depending on the issue, major brand solar inverters such as Fronius and SMA can be repaired with manufacturer supplied replacement components available to Perth Solar Warehouse at the lowest prices. Order times may vary depending on the particular component. Find out if we can repair your inverter.

Can Your Inverter Be Repaired?

It’s free to ask. Below is a 2-step form with some questions to help PSW Tech Support understand the problems you are experiencing.

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Get the heart of your solar system beating again, step 1:

Prefer to chat? Call (08) 6171 4111

Get your diagnosis, solution and options, step 2:

We are friendly helpful technicians and value your privacy, our staff will not hound you, requested is the essential information to deliver an accurate solution and quote to your inbox. Your details will not be forwarded or used for spamming purposes. FALSE, INCOMPLETE or MISLEADING submissions will be ignored.

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Perth Solar Warehouse supply affordable solutions to resolve your issue. As every installation is unique PSW tech support must review your installation particulars/ fault to deliver an accurate quote.


We’ll do our best to get in contact within 24-hours. Alternatively, try the PSW Technical Support hotline, call: (08) 6171 4111, Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm WST.

It’s FREE to ask! PSW Energy technicians can help diagnose the problems you are experiencing with your inverter in a few simple questions over the phone.

Help Us Help You

A few questions to ensure PSW Energy technical support can help you glide through the troubleshooting process;

  • What inverter make do you have?
  • What inverter model number do you have?
  • What is the fault condition you are experiencing?

Don’t know the answer to a particular above question? Don’t worry, the PSW Energy technical support team are also exceptionally good at reading between the lines if you can describe what you are experiencing.

Contact PSW technical support or call (08) 6171 4111.

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