SMA Solar technology, discover the benefits.

SMA solar inverters appear in every review under the sun as a superior inverter choice. The German quality standard is incontestable. The question of why? SMA are the world’s longest standing solar inverter manufacturer with the world’s greatest reach, surpassed by none. A significant importance as the alternative top two largest manufacturers by volume fail to exceed mass installation capacity beyond national borders. However, many competitors are quick to shut the high-flying industry darling down at every opportunity. So how do you know if the SMA solar inverter is the right selection for your home and solar energy system?

Leaders by volume.

There are only two alternative leaders in the volume class, initially when mentioned, the question which springs to mind is who? Let the air be cleared early, Huawei & Sungrow. Both of which have failed to capture the imaginations of those beyond the border of the PRC in similar numbers, therefore ensuring SMA the title holder as the world’s largest solar inverter manufacturer by reach. An exceptionally credible fete, as the fact that SMA accepts responsibility in a multitude of regions and power supplies. With a minimal recourse for warranty by volume installed, one must certainly appreciate the greatness of superior solar inverter production built for versatility.

Battery ready.

As a global leader in solar inverter technologies, future wise solar associated products entering markets gauge opportunities in the western world through compatibility with SMA solar inverter technology. Additionally, SMA are equipped with a renowned engineering prowess to ensure all products are compatible with unexpected technology changes. Therefore, no matter what changes in time occur, be assured a future-proof solar inverter.

  • Solar panel
  • SMA solar inverter
  • SMA sunny storage
  • Multiple branded HV solar battery flexibility

Option 1: AC Coupled. Beautifully flexible HV solar battery compatibility.

  • Solar panel
  • SolarWatt MyReserve solar battery
  • SMA solar inverter

Option 2: DC Coupled. Compatibility with the remarkable InterSolar Europe award winner (ees 2017 Award – Innovation) SolarWatt MyReserve solar battery.

German quality.

German quality standard is assured with all variations of SMA solar inverter technologies. In recent years SMA Solar made international acquisitions to ensure superior manufacturing capacity as demand for solar and alternative energy products surged globally. Not without controversy, assembly locations expanded beyond German boarders. A move to ensure a future in a competitive global market and secure the companies existence for decades to come. A modern strategy for a sustainable future combined with historical values, German quality as standard.

Expect nothing less.

  • Four decades of inverter manufacturing refinement.
  • Future-proof design.
  • AC Battery ready with SMA Sunny Storage compatible options.
  • DC Battery ready with SolarWatt Matrix and MyReserve variants.
  • Factory-integrated Ethernet and WLAN interface.
  • SMA Smart Connected.
  • System data can be monitored on all smartphones and tablets.
  • Industry-leading SMA Sunny Portal software and apps, plus SMA Sunny Places community.
  • Remote and local health check, firmware upgrades and data sync options.
  • FREE PSW Life Support when purchasing through PSW Energy. Learn more >

Future Ready.

SMA Solar produces the equipment you need to operate a fully integrated smart energy home. The solar inverter is becoming viewed as the foundation of evolving smart energy homes. Ensuring a solid foundation is the key to any success. SMA is renowned as one of the most secure inverter technologies available for both reliability and future integration abilities. Selecting a solar inverter built with trusted integrative abilities, your home evolves with minimal additional expense or replacement costs.

SMA SOLAR WIRING DIAGRAM by PSW Energy Perth Solar Warehouse

On-grid & Off-grid.

There is an SMA Solar inverter to suit your power supply and requirements. With one of the largest selections commercially available in both small scale and large scale solar generation categories. Anticipating the evolution of your solar energy system beyond basic grid-connect to an off-grid level is once again simplified through the SMA brand and suite of technologies. For reliable off-grid power supply management, SMA is the go to technology. SMA solar produces the world-renowned Sunny Island for supreme battery management and off-grid supply capabilities. The complete energy management solution by one manufacturer.

Single phase inverter options available in 1.5kW, 2.5kW, 3kW, 4kW and 5kW variants.

Three phase inverter options from 5kW and greater.

Rigorously tested.

Located in Germany, SMA has arguably one of the greatest test laboratories for simulated testing above all other solar inverter manufacturers. Standing the test of time, however, in real-life conditions, subject to variables experienced in the everyday world, are events which no amounts of simulation could predict. A compilation from four decades of recorded real-life testing scenarios in the world’s most diverse regions, selecting an SMA is regarded by professionals and researched system owners as a secure investment.

The world’s most trusted solar inverter, SMA Solar presented by PSW Energy.

Ensure your future wise, energy smart home with SMA solar inverter technology. Have a question about SMA solar inverters and your scenario? Don’t be shy, leave it below and a PSW Energy technical team member will respond with the insight you need.

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