Ensure Warranty Security, Use an SMA PowerUp Partner.

SMA solar inverters possess an impeccable reputation when subjected to the harsh Australian conditions. Beyond the success stories though, it’s often essential to understand what can go wrong. Not all solar energy systems with SMA solar inverters are hassle-free. Therefore, how does utilising an SMA PowerUP partner help mitigate these risks?


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SMA solar inverters, like all solar inverters, aren’t immune to failure. In fact, many SMA inverters fail to see out their warranty period due to one common denominator.

Despite the exceptional product reputation, despite the rigorous German standards in quality control and despite the robust build quality, one factor remains the Achilles heel of this proven solar inverter range.

Controlled distribution.

95% of inverter failures are due to improper procurement and installation.

SMA can control the solar inverters integrity up until being dispatched from the factory. From there on, Germany to Australia, shipyards to distributors, distributors to installers, and finally to your house, the SMA product integrity is dependent on the supply network to uphold product integrity between factory and your installation.

To ensure trusted product integrity within the distribution and procurement network, SMA’s preferred channel is as follows;

SMA > Authorised Distributor > SMA PowerUP Partner > Your home.

As in many industries, non-authorised distributors will purchase SMA solar inverters through authorised distributors to sell combined packages possessing one of the worlds most in-demand inverter lines.

The result, an increase in the supply chain with unknown handling and procurement methods has the potential to diminish product integrity.


SMA PowerUP Partner
  • Sourced from an SMA Authorised distributor.
  • Minimal supply chain points of contact upholds product integrity.
  • SMA recommended shipping and handling methods adhered.
  • Additional training to ensure the SMA inverter is installed to guidelines.
  • Trusted installation - Complimentary 5-year warranty extension.


Non-certified Installer
  • Sourced from the lowest price distribution option.
  • Unknown - extra & untrusted points of contact reduces product integrity.
  • Unkown - incorrect shipping/handling has proven to cause internal damage.
  • Unkown - incorrect installation reduces inverter life expectancy.
  • Required to purchase additional 5-year warranty extension.

IMPORTANT: If SMA solar inverters are not handled or installed to SMA guidelines, your manufacturers warranty is rendered void.

3 4 5 6kW SMA Sunny Tripower
Latest technology.

SMA PowerUP partners have the most up to date information on the latest SMA inverter technology with ongoing and exclusive product training.

The latest SMA solar inverters are some of the industries best catering for both single and three-phase power supplies. The ultra-modern design ensures flexibility for diverse scenario’s.

The current model numbers of the single (AV-41) and three-phase (AV-40) units are slightly different due to the initial release dates. However, they both offer identical internal features.

SMA Sunny Boy inverter by PSW EN


SMA SunnyBoy AV-41
  • 3/5 kW.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • SMA Sunny Portal by ennexOS.
  • Shadefix String Level Optimisation.
  • Internal Tigo Cloud Connect gateway.
  • 97% Efficiency.
  • 470 (H) x 435 (W) x 176 (D) mm.
  • < 25 dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-yr (5+5) warranty.*
SMA Sunny Tripower


SMA Sunny Tripower AV-40
  • 5/10 kW.
  • Dual tracking.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • SMA Sunny Portal by ennexOS.
  • Shadefix String Level Optimisation.
  • Internal Tigo Cloud Connect gateway.
  • 97.6% Efficiency.
  • 470 (H) x 435 (W) x 176 (D) mm.
  • < 30 dB(A) noise emission.
  • 10-yr (5+5) warranty.*
Extended warranty.

A stock standard 5-year parts and labour product warranty accompanies the SMA solar inverter range out of the box. However, by using an SMA PowerUP partner such as PSW Energy, enjoy a complimentary 5-year product warranty extension upon redemption.

Such a registration process signals to SMA that your SMA solar inverter has been supplied and installed via a trusted source. Knowing your warranty exists from day one ensures you the most valuable 10-yr (5+5) inverter warranty available.

SMA Sunny Boy Wall Inverter
PSW certification.

SMA Australia state on their website “Our independent partners understand the importance of quality German engineering in delivering you the best solar solutions”.

With over 5000 accredited installers in Australia, SMA trust PSW Energy (since 2018) as part of an elite group in Perth, Western Australia for accurate implementation of its heavily sort after products.

PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse SMA PowerUP Partner certificate >

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SMA PowerUP Partner - PSW energy

The world’s greatest inverter brand is only as good as its installer. PSW Energy are recognised as an exclusive SMA PowerUP partner due to an experienced technical background and exemplary after sales support.

You’re investing in quality. When choosing SMA solar inverters for your project, ensure the installation compliments the product. Selecting an untrusted source, the consequences may not be worth the risk.

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