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Quick and Easy. Without a doubt the best medium for the furthermost reach. PSW Energy supports transparency of your experience, therefore the most trusted experiences are those detailed on respected third-party platforms such as Google.

Far beyond reach capabilities, Google experiences assist like-minded shoppers. Keep it short and sweet or detailed and evaluated, the choice is yours.

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Astute shoppers always consider during their initial phases of research, and then they come back to us. 

Sharing your PSW experience on as the most comprehensive installer review platform in Australia. They’ll also follow up how we’re supporting you in a years time to make sure we’re still looking after you. Our aim is to always exceed your expectations.

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Facebook is back in vogue for customer experience thanks to greater internet indexing reach through alternative sources other than Google, hello AI (it’s pretty cool what’s happening on the technology landscape).

Use Facebook reviews to encourage customer choice beyond the Googlesphere

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