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VALUE YOUR HOME? Don’t consider Schletter solar mounting systems, demand it. The often forgotten element is also the most critical. True, it doesn’t produce or convert energy. Many people would argue “who cares?” as long as its rated in accordance with an Australian Standards approved engineering specification.

Much like the Titanic, and from about the same era, nothing much changes until something severely bad happens where Australian Standards and the individuals that make them are concerned. Australian Standards have often been found playing keepy up with EU standards for solar energy systems in the last decade with an approximate 5-year gap in implementation. Not a great statistic to be a guinea pig of.

THE CRITICAL NATURE. Solar mounting systems provide multiple vital purposes:

  • To secure the solar panels to a roof through extreme wind, winter storms or cyclonic fronts.
  • It must protect against roof leaks.
  • Be non susceptible to movement likely to diminish the integrity of the supporting roof material immediately or into the future.
  • It must be manufactured in a way to avoid galvanic/ bimetallic corrosion of alternative structural components.

Schletter manufactures solar mounting systems for diverse roof types, materials, configurations, even ground mount solar solutions and carports. For the purpose of keeping it simple and considering the importance to an end user, PSW Energy technicians evaluate the base tile and colorbond Schletter solar mounting systems designed for Australian homes.

Schletter solar mounting systems

Structural Design: 10/10

Some would describe as over engineered. Others would argue that anything less is a risk. What Schletter has produced is a remarkably engineered product constructed to exceed expectation in variable environments.

Unlike most alternative solar mounting systems, Schletter utilises a proprietary locking system for rail connection between solar panel clamp and rail connection between roof bracket. The locking system once set is one of the most stable platforms for securing solar panels available with the internal stainless steel nut and bolt design less likely to loosen when compared other alternative generic designs.

Visual Design: 10/10

Visually Schletter solar mounting systems have the option to be finished utilising colour coded clamps and rail finishing end caps for a seamless solar array. Perfect options for those concerned about the visual aesthetics of their property.

Security: 8/10

Once installed many end users are concerned about the safeguarding of the solar panels and solar system against theft, especially when outlaying a considerable amount of money for premium solar panels. Schletter solar mounting system clamps incorporate a Torx T40 tamper proof stainless steel bolt head.

Although not completely tamper-proof, it’s often far greater security than the common H40 headed bolts utilised in the majority of alternative solar mounting systems. H40 is also the equivalent of a common 6mm or 1/4 inch Hex or Allen key.

Considering both internal T40 bolt and nut of the Schletter solar mounting system is stainless steel, once torqued into position the nut and bolt virtually lock together due to the stainless steel properties. Ensuring that in most cases even a T40 bit cannot always undo what it done up in the first place. Due to such a rigorous locking nature clamps incorporating stainless steel elements often cannot be reused if undone as they often separated unwillingly.

When compared to the majority of solar mounting systems, Schletter is exceptional for security.

Strength, Purity & Certifications: 9/10

Incorporating ultra high-quality aluminium and stainless steel (304) componentry (1.4301). A German-made Schletter solar mounting system ensures your solar energy system is built better than any other. Strength test verifications by the most stringent EU certifications.

Production operations subjected to TUV Rheinland CERT:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 50001:2011

EG certification in accordance with:

  • DIN EN 1090-2/3 EXC3
  • DIN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 – Extensive demands on quality in welding operation

Manufacturer qualification in accordance with:

  • DIN 2303 Q2 BK1
  • DIN EN 15085-2 – Certification level CL1
  • DIN V4113-3 class C

What does all this mean? Realistically it is proof that Schletter solar mounting systems have conformed to some of the highest testing standards for solar mounting systems in the world. Want to test an alloy or stainless purity for yourself? Without the high-intensity testing do one simple thing. Get a magnet, hold it to the metal surface. the harder it sticks, the least pure it is.


Versatility: 10/10

Here is the exceptionally good news. Schletter solar mounting systems, if specified correctly, are adaptable to virtually any roof surface. Including the most obscure.

One mounting bracket can often facilitate the options for both landscape or portrait solar panel orientations, or even a configuration of both without detriment to the final product.

Superior engineering talent has orchestrated every component to ensure adaptability and unrivalled strength for the most testing conditions. Homeowners have choices within choices, even if space is limited, for a desired solar panel layout and result. You will not find a more adaptable, reinforced solar mounting system on the market of such purity.

Overall: 10/10

Considering any alternative is a concession on both quality and strength. You work hard for your money. Don’t compromise where it counts. The weakest point of every solar energy system is the point where the solar mounting system connects to the roof. Ignore that fact at your own risk. Marketers and sellers will often gloss over such importance and force your concentration elsewhere. Schletter, without a doubt, sits on its own at the top of the table in rooftop solar mounting systems, nothing else comes close.

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